“What a mess it was coming home tonight. Orange dividers in the middle of the street in front of West Elementary. Cars parked on both sides of the street, and just try driving through there without hitting another car or the orange dividers. I know there will be two schools crammed into one but what a mess this will be. I thought Rardin was the worst street to travel in Athens.”

“Why is it that surveys anymore more closely resemble a cattle chute leading to a predetermined and inevitable conclusion than a process of evaluation?”

“Re: Boone. Shawnee elders have passed down info that he was constantly sending smoke-signal tropes to Simon Kenton about ‘that a**hole Wetzel,’ and that Girty was stealing his homegrown. Boonies think that Zane Grey and JFC (James Fenimore Cooper) wrote Fake Fiction.”

“Honesty is a fulltime exercise, not a part-time opportunity.”

“Friendly reminder to not put any type of plastic bag in the recycling! Have a great week everyone!”

“If the witch were in the White House, Epstein would never have been charged! Katie, bar the door and keep the demons screaming. Anyone who supports the Demon rat party is complicit in protecting pedophiles. And if the A-News doesn’t post this comment, they are complicit, too. The crap is about to hit the fan, and you better be right with God Almighty. Time to get right with God, people… you have been warned.”

“Asking Steve Patterson what reason there is to not issue parking passes for a yearly predetermined price to uptown workers who aren’t provided designated uptown parking by there employers? Why can’t one of the top floors (fifth floor) of the parking garage be designated to uptown workers? This doesn’t seem fair to us who have to scramble to find parking year round, let alone when OU students are at school.”

“Men opining over and attempting to govern women’s uteri is physically revolting. Get a wife. Better yet, get your own uterus.”

“I wish men cared as much about what happens to their sperm BEFORE sex as they do AFTER. Lucky for them, they can have their fun and walk away, but then self-righteously tell a woman what she should do. The woman may be left with life-altering consequences.” 

“We are exactly right about it takes a village. We include all and so we share the green and shiny. Government will listen to responsible taxpayers when they represent reasonable, refined agendas to orchestrate the varied peopled ensemble of publichood.”

“You know what’s a great idea? Deciding to remove and replace highway signs the same time as student move-in!” 

“So… Trump wanted to buy Greenland, and then Denmark hurt his little feelings when they said ‘no way, Jose.’ So he canceled his play date. Probably went whining off to Putin. Will he put down astro-snow so he can deny global warming even more. What was he going to do? He’s already destroying our environment. He should leave other countries alone. Total nut job.”

“I’m calling about the statement included in Thursday’s ‘Athens Voice’ about not having enough take-out places to order food from. All you have to do is place a phone call to the restaurant that you’re interested in and find out whether they deliver. What is so hard? There’s so much wrong with ‘The Athens Voice and The Athens NEWS that it’s getting pathetic.” 


“If horse’s asses were truly needed, we’d have never moved away from an agrarian economy.”


“We have a dozen kids in our neighborhood who attend the local high school but none of them rides the bus to school because it picks them up over an hour before school starts, about 6:30 a.m. One of the kids has a license and car so they drive and parents are driving. What is the point of school buses? Maybe there are too many individual stops. Can’t we streamline the system or use the public buses for kids? The city and the school district don’t want to step on each other’s toes so let’s drive in triplicate. Silly.”

“What is wrong with the Ohio University Trustees’ money management skills? Why is there any need to provide a $60,000 stipend when one has a $500,000 salary. Move President Nellis back on campus to interact with students, faculty and townsfolk. Our beloved Trustees would think much differently spending their own hard-earned cash.”

“At odds is how socialized democracy is readily adopted to preserve capitalism, yet reviled when it comes to preserving quality of life or the environment on which everything depends.”

“Regarding free speech and bedsheet banners: Strip clubs are protected expression, yet not with plate-glass portals allowing drive-by viewing. Bedrooms are protected space, but not intentional public displays in front of undrawn shades. Lecture halls are sanctuaries, but not for unrelated lewd, lascivious or debasing comment. City code has 18 pages regulating signs within view of public ways. OU has a conduct code and a legal staff with no absence of imagination when it serves purpose. Preventing this habitual abuse doesn’t revolve around lack of ability, only selective lack of will.” 

“Eeeoooooo! Talk about ick factor! Amoral male right-to-life advocates offering free sex advice in comments on stories in The Athens NEWS online (usually under ‘The Athens Voice’) is enough to curdle anyone’s stomach!”

“I want everyone who voted for the Athens City School District levy and building plan to quit whining about the inconveniences. Also keep quiet when you get your next tax bill. You voted for it. Live with it. When the next levy is placed on the ballot, you will have forgotten anyway.” 

“So much talk about abortion. Meanwhile, on Aug. 23, 2019, Donald Trump stated, ‘Our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China, including bringing your companies HOME and making your products in the USA.’ Governance by Tweetdict. Meanwhile, the lungs of the earth, the Amazon, is on fire. But you guys would rather talk about what rights you want to strip from woman. Wow.”

“A year ago, a shadowy local landlord group spent a fortune advertising and lobbying against the Athens City School District’s school building levy. While the levy passed anyway, the main opposition campaign never filed any paperwork and never identified itself. This is illegal and they got away with it. Enforcement of basic election law is a joke in Ohio, and don’t be surprised when this happens again.” 

“How delighted I am that they are finally repaving Stimson Avenue. This has been sorely needed for many months, if not years. When I drive my motorcycle or bicycle down that street, it tries to  throw me off. My only question is why they waited till Move-In Day and the start of classes to obstruct traffic through this project.”  

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