“Anyone else notice that the turn lane striping coming off U.S. Rt. 33 and turning onto East State Street is messed up? Shouldn’t the dotted line separating the two right-hand turns be between those lanes? Instead it makes it appear that both right-turn lanes should corral into the curb lane.”

“Hybrid car owners, you can pre-register your car for up to five years at a time. On Jan. 1, 2020, you will be hit with an extra $100 annual fee...”

“How do you know you’re in Athens? Streets and roads are a mess but there is one hell of a bike path. And bicycles have no rules.”

“Can anybody give me one good reason why the Athens Farmers Market isn’t located at the Athens County Fairgrounds? There is lots of space for vendors and parking. The facility is underutilized except for once a year. It is more centrally located than the mall. And it must cost taxpayers considerably for upkeep. I’m in hopes that someone can explain this to me.”

“The powers that be want to raise taxes to help run a bus line to Nelsonville and Albany. Some points: 1st – I doubt if it passes. 2nd – why Albany? They have a population of around 800. It would make much more sense to run a bus up Rt .13 with the Jacksonville-Trimble-Glouster area having more than 2,600 people. Add in Millfield and the current route through Chauncey, the potential ridership is around 4,000. With a route that’s only four miles longer than the Albany one.”


“Nelsonville is not a thriving metropolis, but I disagree with it being ‘hopeless.’ Keep in mind the town is known for its arts district, with many amazingly creative people not only residing there but also successfully running businesses pertaining to the artistic flair. I agree with the post on ‘The Voice’ last week; it’s the dilapidated buildings that need removal, such as the Eagles building. I’ve noticed that particular building twice during visits in the last year or so and nothing has changed. It seems to just sit, unattended. If anything, that building makes Nelsonville look like a hopeless area. Adding talent through creativity and art is never ‘hopeless’ or non-opportunistic. Art is to be interpreted, but buildings such as the Eagles building can only be seen as rubbish.”

“Most of the Ohio University lots are available for free parking after 5 p.m. If you don’t mind walking, you can park for free in many OU lots during evening hours.”

“Since when did communications professor Bernhard Debatin become all-knowing on public parking meter social justice? Ohio University has entire departments focused on public administration or economics. Great work finding an ‘expert’ to quote, A-News.”

“Regarding street murals being an indicator of regional decline, it gets even worse. Somehow kids keep finding a way to get hold of Crayons and sidewalk chalk. There oughta be a law! Where’s Jay Edwards when you need him?”

“Possibly it becomes a glass half empty vs. a glass half full methodology. Thanks to live feeds and radio apps, I follow the home-town disappointments, and I could quickly jump onto the same bandwagon, shaking my head in dismay over the laughing stock the city administration has made of Nelsonville, and I hear how the 9 a.m. pulse is measured through brain-implant waves. As for the recipients of government checks, I’m sure there are many who are in need of a hand-up, so I prefer not to see it as a hand-out. In many respects, I’m sure Nelsonville is no different than most any town across the country. That doesn’t make it right, but it does allow those like myself to appreciate a little beauty nestled within a war-zone town.”

“OK, city of Athens, I got the message. You no longer want me to come shop downtown. It took a while, but I got the message now. I won’t try to park downtown anymore, since that appears to be your goal. Got it.” 

“I’m quite excited for the next busy weekend, after waiting for an hour to be seated at a local restaurant and place my order for a nice dinner, then leaving to go move my car and feed the meter for more than another hour so I can enjoy a meal without having to get up and do so to avoid parking-violation fines before ordering dessert. Who wouldn’t be encouraged to drive into – and around Athens parking twice – for a lovely culinary experience?”

“Having lived in Athens for 40 years, the level of whining that ‘my convenience is more important than your convenience’ regarding the change of uptown parking has reached a new high. The whiners need to take a long walk.” 

“Re: Wearing Thin 6/20. I was reading T. Smith’s comments about Drag Queen Story Time, and appreciating his moderate tone, although I don’t agree with him. Then he lashed out at President Trump with the most hateful, bitter comments imaginable! It was shocking and offensive and a poor example to young and old minds alike of how to civilly express strongly held differences of opinion. Grow up, Mr. Smith.”

“The surest signs you’re living in a hopeless area are the murals. When people come together to ‘beautify’ a town or city with murals you know damn well there is no opportunity to be had.”

(The following is responsive to the previous “Voice.”) “At least there are people in this town who are trying to do something positive. It’s really easy to sit back, criticize and complain. The better thing to do would be to encourage.”

“I’d like to know who is responsible for the Stimson/Rock Riffle intersection. It’s horrible; the pavement badly needs fixed. I go at a crawl when going from Stimson to Rock Riffle.” 

“Just spent 50 cents to park 30 minutes for a $2.05 cup of coffee at an uptown coffee shop. Could have saved 65 cents just in parking if I went to Kroger, Tim Horton’s or Catalyst. I get coffee every day. Where shall I go in the future, assuming I can save about $2.50 per week, or about $125/year in parking? Right... mostly NOT uptown. So how are these rates helping uptown businesses?”

“Let me start by saying I completely believe in our constitutional right of freedom of speech. That being said, these drag queens have a right to be in the library to do their thing. It’s the parents who subject their little, innocent children to this circus, and the children will ultimately pay the price one way or another. You don’t understand that you’re offering your children as a sacrifice to the evils of this world. Would you knowingly hand your child over to Satan? Of course not… If people didn’t take their kids, there wouldn’t be an event like this. Sodom and Gomorrah.”

“OU or OHIO? I have wished for a long time that I had one of the T-shirts from when OU and OSU seriously fought about which could use ‘Ohio.’ The T-shirts said ‘There is only one Ohio.’”

“Thank you to the lady in the black SUV at McDonald’s Monday, June 24, for paying for my lunch!”

“Hooray, the bike-path extension out to County Road 24 has been paved with asphalt. I wonder if this was done simultaneously with the paving of East State Street by any chance. Does anyone know if the bike path there is now open for use?”

“To those of us on the West side, can we get some of those big scary orange signs discouraging outsiders from coming into our neighborhood? Please get on this.”

“So, what does penultimate mean?” 

“Not sure why someone (EMA?) has been sounding the tornado sirens for a severe thunderstorm! Last night there were kids playing outside in The Plains not paying any attention to them. People will ignore them if they are overused in this manner!”

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