“Please, can we come up with something new to replace Social Security numbers? There is no longer any ‘security’ in this broken system."

“Instead of throwing money at universities to ‘research’ the opioid epidemic, $65.9 million would go along way toward providing housing, daycare, job training and adequate health care – alleviating some of the economic disparity and despair fueling the drug crisis.”

“Solution for the Board of Elections: the city and county together should seek a grant to restore the Armory, which would have both parking and be accessible to students and the handicapped. Lots of space for all those machines.” 

“I see the fear-mongers are out in force in regards to the Alexander school levy. When they make real cuts, then we’ll talk. We need new leadership in administration, from the School Board on down. No sympathy.”

“Since there are no updates from the Athens Police Department about the investigation into the tortured possum, I will assume the case has been closed or put on the back burner. I would like to commend the young man who made the effort to help the animal. Thank you.” 

“I think the county Commissioners should allow the Board of Elections to move into the ATCO place. Board member Kate is only thinking about the students. They can walk a few blocks to vote. She should be thinking about the senior citizens who are a lot older and have trouble getting around.”

“I see a lot of know-it-alls criticizing Athens’ parking enforcement since the ridiculous court ruling prohibiting the chalking of tires in order to keep track of vehicles in violation of the 24-hour parking laws. These folks would be singing a different tune if they had lived in Athens years ago before the 24-hour enforcement began. They’d see how frustrating it is to see OU students’ car parked up and down the street for several weeks at a time. Believe me, that was the norm before the 24-hour law’s enforcement.”

Re: The city of Athens halting its tire-chalking strategy for enforcing parking laws. “I can see them now using the court ruling to justify mounting cameras in every street to keep track of how long every car is parked at a given location. Without constant video monitoring, there’s no way to see if a resident drove away from a given spot and then came back and parked in the exact same spot upon returning to their home. An upside to constant video surveillance is that crime will most likely be reduced.”

“So many baseless opinions (in ‘The Athens Voice’) on things one is not educated about. The Office of Sustainability is well run and does a lot. Just because something that already existed now falls under their wing, has nothing to do with anything. The wording you speak of may be them simply trying to advertise the event, as it wasn’t well known before they took it over. Sustainability is a very important thing to learn, study, practice, and it will only get more important as time goes on. If you want to pick on a program that gets a tiny sliver of OU money, I think there are way bigger issues you could take with OU waste.” 

“For the 17-18 academic year, OU spent $35.9 million on athletics. Meanwhile, Alden and Morton, two of the most used buildings on campus, have barely functioning HVAC systems. At my house, we don’t buy fun extras like new TVs or computers unless we have all of the essentials covered and have money left over. Athletics are a fun extra at an institution of higher education. Absolutely non-essential. A responsible person/institution takes care of the top priority, necessary spending BEFORE they purchase shiny, baubles like a new basketball coach or a $6 million building for our 400 some student-athletes”

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