“I just thought someone might be interested to know that the house at 5 Maplewood Avenue that the Athens City School Board has purchased is a Sears Roebuck kit house and that someone might like to take a photo of it for historical purposes.”

“Secretary of State Pompeo’s recent assertion that vanishing Arctic sea ice areas create new opportunities for resource extraction and shipping channels makes about as much sense as saying we should continue mountaintop removal coal mining in West Virginia so cell phones will work better there. Where do they find these guys?”

“OU thinks that they are avoiding liability by not allowing cannabis for medical patients on campus, but they may be doing the opposite. That is a state law. OU is a state school. As soon as a student is denied, has a seizure because of it, then falls and takes an injury, there is going to be substantial traction for a lawsuit to take off.” 

“Ohio University is still holding strong as a bastion of outdated, oppressive drug-war policy despite the legally encoded wishes of the communities they serve at both the state and local level. The state of Ohio made marijuana medically legal, and the city of Athens decriminalized marijuana possession, and yet OU still does not respect the citizens it serves when it comes to their choice of legal herbal medicine. Government is like any other purchase: sooner or later, the taxpayers (who are also the voters) will get sick of paying for what they don’t want and find a different system. Let’s hope the transition is easy and quick!” 

“I too, am waiting for Harvest dispensary to open in Athens. What’s most important though, is the new Ohio Marijuana Card office near Holzer on East State Street. In Ohio you first need a medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation to get a card. The staff walked me through the process, and doctors were really helpful. It’s too bad the office is kind of hidden, but it was easy to find them online and get an appointment. They even told me about various other dispensaries. At last, we are empowered to make personal health-care choices holistically and within the law!” 

“Dear students, please put your non-perishable food items in a box and place it at the curb. SOMEONE will find them and take them, I promise you. If it’s me, most of it will be donated to the food pantry. Then take that cooler that’s been in the yard, dump the Natty Lights out of it, fill it with the contents of your fridge and freezer, and leave that at the curb, too. The food pantry can’t take perishables but I will find homes for it nonetheless. Please stop throwing food away; that’s dumb.”

“Drivers who don’t use their turn indicators in or around traffic circles are ignorant, stupid, lazy or texting. Which are you?”

“The white blooming trees seen a week before our redbud is the Bradford pear. This is not a native species and seems to be introduced by ODOT, at off-ramps and to replant areas after roadwork and planted at roadside rests. I don’t know why but lovers of native species dissuade their planting. I don’t have any idea why but maybe they are upsetting the balance of something. They sure do look pretty after winter and before much of anything else blooms.”

“OU won’t allow students to have medical pot on campus but HC will have a pot research center on its campus. Hmmmmm. Inasmuch as OU hasn’t been able to keep recreational pot off campus, just what makes it think it can stop med pot? What other Trumpian cherry-picking will OU get in to?”

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