“I can’t imagine unattended scooters doing well during drunken Athens nights.”

“OU thinks that they are avoiding liability by not allowing cannabis for medical patients on campus, but they may be doing the opposite. That is a state law. OU is a state school. As soon as a student is denied, has a seizure because of it, then falls and takes an injury, there is going to be substantial traction for a lawsuit to take off.”

“I wish the local papers would start printing all the positive things that are happening at Hocking College. Listen to the college president and you’ll  hear about all of those good things. Please stop reporting the fake news that hurts the college.”

“The real problem here is the federal law against pot. People need to stay aware of the fact that you can lose your job, lose medical treatment and face many, many other problems due to pot still being a Schedule One drug. Go after the real problem, not OU.”

“Ohio University is still holding strong as a bastion of outdated, oppressive drug-war policy despite the legally encoded wishes of the communities they serve at both the state and local level. The state of Ohio made marijuana medically legal, and the city of Athens decriminalized marijuana possession, and yet Ohio University still does not respect the citizens it serves when it comes to their choice of legal herbal medicine. Government is like any other purchase: sooner or later, the taxpayers (who are also the voters) will get sick of paying for what they don’t want and find a different system. Let’s hope the transition is easy and quick!”

“I don’t know who all has gone to the OU move-out giveaway event held at the fairgrounds, but I have been attending most years since I found out about it a few years ago. They get a lot of helpful items such as school supplies, clothing, dishware, and general house goods like lamps and throw pillows. They also get desks and bigger furniture like futons and chairs. They also have food boxes for those who sign up. Not only do I find it helpful going to the event but I also work with campus recycling in organizing the event.”

“As a student at Hocking College, I am outraged about President Young’s $70K bonus. For over a week now we haven’t had soap in any dispenser in Davidson Hall. You have to dodge potholes in the parking lot and the grass on campus is a foot high. The colllege president is traveling state to state and country to country on Hocking’s dime and receiving big bonuses while students can’t even get hand soap during flu season. Unbelievable!!”

“Sorry I can’t relax about socialism, democratic or otherwise. It rides on the back of force and violence. When they drop the veil, it’s a government agent pointing a gun.”

“Yippee Skippy once a week?!? Edgier, focused, hard-hitting?!? The community voice is the best part of The Athens NEWS, and it will be halved! This new version of MAGA is ironic. Make Athens NEWS Great Again!!”

Editor’s note: We don’t have something called ‘community voice.’ We do have ‘The Athens Voice,’ however, and as observant readers may have noticed over the years, when “The Voice” runs longer than the available space on page 5, we jump it to page 6. We will continue to do that once we go weekly on May 30, even if that means the continued section is longer than it has been in the past. TS

“In regards to your going to a weekly publication, from twice-weekly, don’t you dare stop running Dennis Powell’s weekly column. That would be an insult to all of us who are not liberals.”

“Colleges and universities are semi-autonomous fiefdoms. They exist above and outside the law and social norms. They have their own internal procedures and belief and power systems. When select individuals reach certain social levels in these institutions (president, Board of Trustee member, etc.) they reach positions above external accountability. They pass power and money and data among themselves. It is highly unlikely that the president of Hocking College, or any member of the Hocking College Board of Trustees, will be held accountable for the unfolding disasters at Hocking College. They are well aware that ‘accountability’ will not apply to them.”

“Bradford pears are invasive, have weak structure that will eventually split after 20 years, and they stink. My neighbor was stupid enough to plant one (they are not a good residential tree), and it will probably end up on my house.”

“It’s interesting that under federal guidelines Ohio University has banned all forms of cannabis on campus, and yet Hocking College, which I have to assume is under the same federal guidelines, is in the process of opening a cannabis lab where students will be exposed to it every day. Hmmmm…”

“I’d wager President Nellis’ salary that Ohio University would never think of banning pain killers or prescription Adderall, even though these opioids and amphetamines can be dangerous, are addictive and are far too often abused. Medical marijuana is exactly as it sounds, medicine. Ohio law identifies 21 treatable conditions for which medical cannabis has been proven effective, often eliminating the need for harder pharmaceuticals with serious side effects. Ohio marijuana card patients show qualifying medical conditions and are under the care of state-certified doctors. For OU to deny anyone effective treatment is quite simply wrong.”

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