“Kudos to Taylor Sappington for uncovering the fiscal fraud and abuse in Nelsonville. The former city auditor has a lot to answer for; he should have caught it a long time ago. Disgusting that anyone would steal from that financially strapped city.”

“To the person saying Clinton was more immoral than Trump (Athens Voice, 2/13/20), please get a grip. Morality isn't about sex, but conduct. If you think a lying, hypocritical, racist, sexist, womanizing, bigoted, bullying, thieving, corrupt, conniving, small-minded man like Trump is the epitome of morality, then America is truly lost.”

“I hate to say, but I can see why international enrollment is down. While the Ohio University is in its own bubble, outside of the bubble is a rundown, backward place. I work with the locals, and some dislike the international students. I have witnessed coworkers make international students uncomfortable, and many assume they are illegal immigrants. I am from another part of Ohio and this part of the state is very strange to me. I can only imagine how an international student feels.”

“Damn, you people are negative.”

“For my grandfather

For my grandchildren

and for yours

and for you

Because we can have a voice

For those whose voices have been silenced

please vote.”

“The fact that Bernie is seen as a scary ‘progressive’ or ‘far-left’ ‘socialist’ just shows how far right we are in this country generally. Americans see someone running on the idea of extending basic human rights to the populace and run for the hills screaming about communism. This country deserves what's happening to it.” 

“Wasted a vote on Peter Kotses? Please, that's nonsense. Nice to see self-imposed term limits. We don't need lifers in ANY elected position.”

“We all now experiencing what it must have felt like in Germany during Hitler's rise to power. The ‘good’ people can't believe such a dangerous, hateful, right-wing madman will ever dismantle democracy, while the ‘deluded’ people believe every lie, dismiss every criticism, and celebrate every step toward dictatorship. We watch (in horror or delight) as the basic tenets of democracy are eroded: freedom of the press, honest debate, trust in science, and legitimate attempts at consensus. Trumpism is fascism without the mass murder; so was Hitlerism before he launched the Holocaust and the Third Reich.” 

“No one likes dirty Bloomers.”

“The Washington Monument should be removed and stored with the Confederate statues since he also was a slave owner.”

“In religion A, Pork is forbidden, but beef is OK. In religion B, pork is OK, but beef is forbidden. In religion C, both are OK except on Fridays, when you should only eat fish. Doesn't it sound silly when I put it that way?”

“Given the current state of things, I would not be surprised if Trump were to tweet in favor of the sun rising tomorrow, so he could take credit for it happening. Which would be followed by MSNBC accusing him of trying to exert undue influence on the sun, CNN consulting experts on the sun's contribution to global warming, and Fox finding someone to say that there's no such thing as skin cancer.” 

“eScooters are coming! I can't wait to see what all the Highly Knowledgeable Experts in the ‘Athens Voice’ have to say about it! Get the popcorn ready!” 

“OU’s reimagined general education requirements include outcomes such as critical thinking & logic, ethical reasoning, and symbolic reasoning (e.g., symbolic logic). The OU Department of Philosophy teaches critical thinking & logic, ethical reasoning, and symbolic reasoning (e.g., symbolic logic). Ergo, OU should invest strategically in the Department of Philosophy. [There is no need for endless committees to ponder how best to ‘deliver’ these skills: the intellectual tradition of philosophy has 2,500-plus years of experience here. And OU’s Department of Philosophy has been ranked No. 16 in ‘the English-speaking world’ by the Leiter Report. OU: this is an easy one.]” 

“The treatment of Kaitlin Bennett by Ohio University students once again proves that the ‘tolerant’ loving left is a lie! The left will only tolerate opinions that are the same as theirs.” 

“I pay more for Amazon Prime than Amazon pays in federal taxes.”

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