“Athens City Council approved a resolution to oppose any federal government shutdown on Monday night. But what can they really do if the federal government shuts down? There’s nothing that Athens, Ohio, City Council can really do if the federal government shuts down except cry foul.”

“For many years, OU has created a culture of getting rid of anyone who doesn’t fit into their mold. If you speak up, or make noise, your contract isn’t renewed. So while I feel for delfin bautista, there are countless others who have experienced the same horrible treatment. And they didn’t have the backing of a community to help them. Merit doesn’t matter to them anymore; it’s how you play the game. If you think otherwise, you’re fooling yourself.”

“I was happy when Steak ‘n Shake came to town. But the lines around the place are just nuts! Five times I’ve gone and have yet to eat there (after four years in the army I swore I’d never stand in line for anything ever again).”

“Is Steak ‘n Shake that good or is every other place in Athens that bad?”

“I see Athens is upgrading major transportation corridors in and out of town. One of them is Columbus Road. A few years ago, the city redesigned part of that corridor. On one part, past the DQ, they added 35 trees in the median strip, and it looks great. However, from the firehouse to the DQ, a functional lane was removed, replaced with a strip of grass, not an attractive, welcoming and exiting to our town. At least add shrubs/bushes/flowers to beautify this area. An easy fix.”

“So I see the Nelsonville library has joined the Athens library in removing large numbers of books from their shelves. I just don’t get why they do this.”

“Isn’t it time to stop blaming foreign powers for influencing the U.S. elections and society? We are so ignorant and self serving that we let others influence our thoughts and actions. Our desire to have the government supply all our needs without doing some critical thinking is creating a, intellectual vacuum being filled by selfish wants. Do your part and evaluate where your information is coming from and what motives they have whether it be liberal or conservative.”

“Amazing how much more paint is in a can that spills than in a can that is intentionally applied.”

“Yippy Skippy.

Time to spend taxpayer and tuition money.

Rainbow tiaras and my little pony.

Redefine the terms.

Call the press and control the discourse.

Thank goodness for oversight.

That little pony could have become a Trojan horse.”

Re: School facility planning and design committees for the Athens City School District. “Public money spent should always be in sunshine. I have concerns that these committees will go through the motions, present recommendations and Gibbs just ignores them. That is what can happen if there is no sunshine. And we have seen this play out already.”

“Most don’t accurately conceptualize waste, believing a wasted resource is expended only once. In monetary terms and in a replacement or continuous use cycle, the numbers are twice troubling – the original waste which must be purchased, plus the purchase to replace the original waste. Government almost becomes secondary when we tax ourselves at 200 percent.”

“Kudos to the Lodi Township road crew for fixing Carsey Road due to the COUNTY ignoring a ditch problem on County Road 75. I complained about the lack of a ditch over six months ago. What was then a minor annoyance turned into a major and costly fix to the township due to the county’s neglect. Anyone who wants to see how bad our road is should bring their 4x4 and try to avoid the hazards of County Road 75. You can’t. It’s pathetic and costly to residents and other entities. Preventive maintenance does not seem to exist in the county engineer’s planning.”

“How much money does a speed bump cost? So far, Athens city has not been forthcoming. There is a big chunk missing from the speed bump on Strouds Run. Did it go into a landfill? Is is going to sit there as a broken, ugly eyesore that will cost more money and cause damage to the shocks of vehicles? Big hunks of tax money going to a landfill is an unsound use of funds.”

“If you take an Oreo, preferably double stuff, and dip it into your jar of peanut butter, it tastes like one of those Girl Scout cookies with the peanut-butter discs that are covered in chocolate. It takes a village, people. It takes a village.”

“Can anyone explain to me why homes on the East and West sides of Athens have such a high rental fee? In five or 10 years, who will be able to afford to live in the city of Athens? Also, do these homes look like they’re worth this much in monthly rent? Poor students and families with such a lack of options!”

“Should the County Treasurer be recused from purchasing properties that have been sold to TaxEase and in foreclosure? According to a January article, he is responsible for choosing who and what to foreclose on. Even the words cherry-picking were used in the article.”

“It’s common knowledge now that Cadet Bonespur only spends six hours a day, tops, doing his presidential work. Oh and by the way, he vehemently blasted President Obama for golfing when Trump already spends twice as much time on the course than Obama did his two terms.”

“I prefer being down here at the very bottom of the ‘Athens Voice.’ Strategically, it’s a good spot since if I get bored, I can just scoot right off the page and do something more interesting, like hang out in the sports section or maybe even classifieds.”

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