“I would really like to see more reusable bags and sustainability as a whole at the Athens Farmers Market. Maybe even some sort of compost for napkins or scraps of food from eating there.”

“Please don’t throw your cigarettes on the ground. The city has containers for recycling them in various places. I'm sure you can find one. 

“Kudos to state Rep. Edwards for standing up to the scam that is JobsOhio. This ‘private nonprofit’ only enriches its administrators by bleeding the state of Ohio dry by diverting liquor-sale profit to itself. They have done nothing for southeast Ohio, and Edwards should be commended for shining a light on this joke of a program.”

“I hope Chauncey is ready for the impact of the Baileys Mountain Bike Trail system. Similar projects elsewhere have led to huge, immediate growth in those communities, with 90,000 to 200,000 visitors per year. It's not unimaginable for Chauncey to become a boomtown overnight. I hope solid zoning regulations are in place (good God if it becomes an unincorporated mess like The Plains). If you're looking to invest in property, Chauncey is the place to buy right now.” 

“Rep. Edwards, you ask why Ohio is 42nd in job growth? So which party controls the entire state government and busily implements regressive economic, educational and civil policies? And which party thought of you highly enough to make you the majority whip?”

“Churches need to relax their dress code. Women don't need to wear skirts, dresses, pantyhose and high-heel shoes. Men don't need to wear a suit and tie all the time. Men are hot in their suits and fall asleep during sermon. Why can't we dress casual with dress slacks, jeans and modest Capri shorts with a comfortable shirt? God sees us 24 hours a day EVEN while bathing and in the bedroom with our spouse (blush)! Please dress comfortable and ENJOY church and fellowship.” 

“Anyone else tired of DJT sitting around watching old clips of Democrats using words like ‘lynching’ to describe impeachment proceedings and then deciding that he will do the same and make them look like idiots when they don't like his actions? The guy is playing Dems like fiddles, and sadly they just keep dancing to his music. If only there were someone of sound mind and scandal free in ‘The’ office or running for it. Meanwhile, the world is the same as it was under Obama but with lower taxes. What a bad deal!”

 “With an average seasonal flow rate of 143.6 cubic feet per second, a restored low-head dam on the Hocking River with 6 feet of fall has the capacity to generate 159 kilowatts of electricity per hour, or 1.392 megawatt hours each year. That would eliminate 3,238,600 pounds of CO2 annually and leave 566 tons of coal in the ground each year.”

“A big suggestion for the Athens mayor and City Council, even though they won't do it. Tear down two behemoth buildings and build another LARGE parking garage for uptown. They are the stupid Amory that is useless and the stupid Masonic lodge, which is a pagan cult (do your research). There is a traffic light in place there to direct vehicles. That would solve uptown Athens parking problem. WIN-WIN!” 

“Nelsonville has the cash to rebuild gaga courts, hold community picnics, and now, spend up to $7,500 investigating City Council, yet they're asking taxpayers to approve a levy renewal for street maintenance when there's no evidence that anything has been done with the current levy. Vote them all out.”

“Athens City Council, please move slowly with due diligence on Baileys Run funding from the city of Athens The only ones who will profit from this will be a Washington, D.C., consulting firm and investors buying property around Chauncey, thereby enjoying Athens dollars to help pay for a bike trail, which is going to be built even with no city funding. Where is the research to back up 181,000 mountain bikers per year coming to this area?”

“The Post created a search tool to look up OU salaries. If I'd known that universities paid people half a million dollars a year to tell young men how to play with a ball, I would have studied harder in gym.”

“So, how do you think history will remember The Trump Doctrine? Will it be, ‘If you buy enough weapons from us, we will literally let you get away with murder/genocide?’ or how about, ‘These guns are for hire.’ Or perhaps the more simplistic ‘Show us the money!’?” 

“Congratulations to the Nelsonville City Council for stepping up for the improvement of the city. Hurrah, we are going to spend $7,500 (waste) to investigate one another. Why not act like ADULTS and do the business of the city of Nelsonville and stop being the playground bullies? Use that $7,500 to fix the non-functional fire hydrants (there are many) or pave a pothole. If you want to spend that much money, each one of you should chip in equal shares and pay for this investigation yourselves. Let us the citizens of Nelsonville vote each one of these ADULTS who vote for waste of needed funds out of office. Vote for Nelsonville to be truly represented by members who will be for the city, not to gain points for their personal popularity. Vote Nov 5; every vote does count.” 

“Putin is laughing his head off. He can’t believe this dupe (Trump) landed in his lap. Best gift ever.”

“The Athens city area continues to lead with the highest gas prices in the area at $2.72. On Oct. 25, Pomeroy was $2.35 and Belpre was $2.59; on Oct. 28, Rockbridge was $2.55, Lancaster $2.47, and Newark as low as $2.27. These were all viewed at the stations, but you can get a good idea on the internet with gasbuddy.com.”

“Athens County public libraries have a levy on the upcoming November ballot. I would urge you to support it. It is one place where you can actually see your tax dollars working for everyone.”

“A hint for you students: While you are learning to start partying Thursday evening and continue to Sunday evening, students at other universities are partying one night a week and studying six. When the two of you meet head on in the workplace, who is going to do better – the person used to working their butt off, or PARTY HARDY OU grads? You are setting yourself up to fail.”

“Even God gives his permission for Donald Trump to be impeached.”

“Yes, after reading the opinion page on Thursday, Oct. 17 of The Athens NEWS, after reading the story that (Editor) Terry Smith put in there, I think he ought to seriously consider changing his last name to Obama. He obviously likes the name so well. I think that would be a real good idea.” 

Editor’s note: I like fried chicken, too, but that doesn’t mean I’m changing my name to Col. Sanders. TS

“Whatever coating is being applied to the bridge over Richland Avenue could not smell more toxic. It stinks up the whole areas, and (the voice mail is unintelligible here) especially those who suffer from so-called Multiple Chemical Dependency.”

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