“Imagine living in a country with more guns than people and being so deluded that you think your gun rights are under attack. It boggles the mind.”

“Last night I was walking around the OU campus and saw something appalling. If the college is having a budget crisis, then why are the dorms so hot that 90 percent of the windows were open? Seems like a great way to throw money out the window.”

Editor’s note: The Athens NEWS published a story about this phenomenon many years ago. At the time university officials said the problem was related to the very old HVAC systems serving some of the older dorm complexes. Barring renovations since then, they haven’t gotten any better. However, dorm dwellers who are too warm in their rooms do have the option of keeping their windows closed and blocking, or partially blocking, heating vents in their rooms with cardboard covered in aluminum foil. Do not block the return vent (usually high up on a wall). (Check with your RA to make sure it’s OK to do this.) TS

“John Haseley: Maybe first you should get your party to stop cheating in the existing primaries (by giving debate questions to their favorite candidate)?”

“Re: Hillary Clinton. You are now bashing Bernie and Trump at the same time? To what end? You have nothing to gain at this point, Hillary. Get out of the news and out of our lives. Permanently.”

“Thank you for the Trump impeachment process. At least someone besides 17-year-old environmental activist Greta Thunberg is taking on our Bully-In-Chief.”

“If it were not for the reckless actions of our U.S. commander in chief, 176 people onboard the Ukrainian passenger jet of Jan. 8 would still be alive.”

“VFW 7174 The Plains is holding a car giveaway. The vehicle goes to a needy veteran. Visit our Facebook page or stop by the club and ask the bartender the details. Write a letter about how the car will help you, or nominate a vet and explain how it will help them. Leave letters at the club before Feb. 12, 2020. Show proof of veteran status.”

“I can reduce, reuse and recycle, but the single best thing I can do to help the environment is to vote wisely. Governments can do so much more than I can to keep the environment safe for human habitation." 

“Owners of electric cars in Ohio will now pay $200 per year in registration fees. Gasoline car owners would have to buy 520 gallons of gasoline in a year to spend $200 in Ohio motor fuel taxes. There is also an 18.3-cent federal gasoline tax. However, I believe this outlook is short-sided because I'm certain roads, street repair, snow plowing, etc., use tax dollars from other sources beyond the motor fuel taxes. Please continue to be a big fan of electric cars, especially if the electricity is coming from a big fan (wind turbines). Electric cars are more efficient, too.”

“The OU Board of Sophists states that OU is in a strong financial position; there is no budget crisis. Rather, there is a need to ‘pivot.’ Blah, blah, blah. $19 million in cuts to core academics & cosmetic cuts (maybe) to athletics. Same old story. Blah, blah, blah. However, prospective students (including international students), in search of a high quality education, don’t like this story: declining enrollment.”

 “Notwithstanding the ongoing trial in the U.S. Senate, Trump’s ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ have been obvious for several months now. Additional evidence coming in over the past two weeks – in addition to the so-far blocked documents and testimony from the most direct witnesses – are just gravy. The Republicans backing him (nearly all of them) hopefully will pay at election time – and eventually at St. Peter’s Gate – for enabling this profoundly self-interested and dishonest president.”

“Hasidic Rabbi Meyer Premishlaner once pointed out that God gave us two eyes, although we could see with only one eye. Why did God give us the extra eye? According to the Rabbi, “The answer is this: One eye is for seeing our neighbors’ virtues, and the other eye is for seeing our own failings.”

“Old Keller loves to wave arrests and indictments in front of the press, but when it’s time to prosecute, his office runs scared. If you saw the GoFundMe appeal for a recent high-profile case, you wouldn’t be so quick to believe that his office has the public’s safety in mind, only making cases go away.” 

“In 2014, OU had 1,800 international students. In 2020, OU has 1,150 international students. This is a 36 percent drop. Yet, over this time period, international student enrollment increased in the USA. While the increase has been small (0.05 percent), the size of the pie is nonetheless increasing. OU’s basic explanation for this 36 percent decrease seems to be: ‘Some other colleges also have seen a drop in international student enrollment.’ International students are simply not choosing OU.”

“I think the greatest purpose for the old school building on North Plains Road is to convert it to senior housing, since there’s hardly any senior housing in and around Athens. The only senior housing is Sandstone and it’s full. Create apartments in that building with rents low enough to where we can live there.”

“Donald, Donald, he’s our man. If he can’t do it, nobody can.”

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