“I’m getting tired of all the whining about the city and county contributing to the Baileys Trail System, from people who only have a vague  notion of the potential economic benefits, and who haven’t been any closer to mountain biking than they have mountain climbing. I wish Athens had a few less ‘Cliffy Claven’ instant experts (most of whom appear to write to ‘The Athens Voice’).”

“Why is Mayor Patterson so eager to spend city money outside of Athens on the Baileys Trail System when the same money could go to upgrade infrastructure in the city and attract industries that pay above minimum wage? What evidence is there that this Bailey project will bring in any jobs other than service industry jobs?”

“I totally agree about the fair. As a resident, I don’t want the name Athens County associated with it. As far as I’m concerned, the city should use eminent domain to seize the property and run the racist organization that holds the rights to the land out of town. Doesn’t OU need more property?”

“Regular gasoline is priced at $2.69 in Athens and $2.41 in Nelsonville. Is there any other explanation but blatant price-fixing or simple naked greed?”

“Airbnb’s and other short-term rentals would greatly harm the rental market here, resulting in hardship and increased homelessness. Why rent to a college student or low-income local when you can  make those dollars in half the time or less.”

"Quote: ‘...Suggesting that the University eliminate the contribution it makes to student-athlete scholarships and student-athlete academic support is not, in my opinion, a solution focused on student success.’ This is the official OU presidential proclamation for the protection of the 'Sacred Athletic Cow.’ So the president alone makes this determination? King… emperor… dictator… What happened to being an accountable state institution? ‘All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.’ By all means, lay off more academic staff… keep growing the admin ranks… keep building more buildings… keep neglecting the old buildings… keep worshiping at the alter of sports… keep sidelining academics. OU, you've forgotten your history and mission.” 

“Athens area parents are quibbling over school playgrounds, rather than focusing on millions of construction dollars being wasted by old-school minds unable to make the turn into the 21st century. Sniggling over window dressing is exactly where these interests want you until the moment the clock runs out. Pay no attention to what goes on behind the curtain. It’s only your children’s future. You should be a willing participant in undermining it.”

“Currently, some snowflake (sorry, couldn’t resist) parents in the Athens City School District are wringing their hands over the schools having kids voluntarily recite the Pledge of Allegiance each morning. The Trump base loves its red meat, and this is a huge serving on a silver platter. Of course, when schoolchildren recited the Pledge, they’re usually thinking about what’s for lunch, who’s that cute girl in row 3, why does the teacher have toilet paper hanging down from the back of his pants…”

“Mars bug, Mars rock, yes Mars editor!”

“With the continued decline in student enrollment, and the looming budget issues facing Ohio University, the leaders of the city of Athens and Athens County should consider this question: What will happen to this area when Ohio University goes out of business?”

“The puppet Republican Party gives new meaning to ‘better dead than red’.”

“Immigration is a sticky issue. I think that Milton Friedman was right in that you cannot have both unrestricted immigration and a welfare state. If you try to have both, you will inevitably bankrupt the system. I think this is at least a self-solving problem. In a perfect world, we wouldn't have a very expansive welfare state, and what we did have would be off limits to immigrants. That isn't the situation we have, however.”

“I'm almost 70 years old. Something my father taught me when I was young is lacking in today's politicians’ thought processes. That is – ignorance is not a defense.”

“Re: Confederate merchandise anywhere: We understand that you think it means you're a rebel, but it's not what you think of the symbol that matters. It's what other people think that matters. Most of us see the Confederate battle flag as a symbol of white supremacy and racism. So, when most people see you displaying it, they see you as a racist and white supremacist who is advertising that. Are you? If not, maybe the 'Don't Tread on Me' flag is more appropriate. Long ago, the Swastika was a symbol of good luck. No more. See what I mean?”

“I just learned that the entire sewer maintenance budget for the city of Athens is only $30,000 per year. And they want to spend $90,000 per year on a bicycle trail of questionable benefit. Where do the priorities lie in this crazy town?”

“Would very much agree that Lee Township has the best roads in Athens County. I would also like to say thank you to the employees who keep them that way. You never see a township trustee out working on them. You have set the standard for the rest of the county. We can only hope that they follow.”

“To Athens City Council: Laws only take firearms from law-abiding citizens. Some years ago, a kid went into the Washington zoo, and shot up the place. By the time he entered the zoo with a firearm, he’d broken 16 laws. I don’t think a 17th law would have stopped him. Maybe we could stop teaching the children to solve their problems with violence. TV, computer games, everywhere, even and especially our ‘superheros’ use violence. As long as we have people who are willing to use violence to solve their problems, we can only have peace through strength.”

“Not sure what’s happening at Jobs and Family Services. Can’t get anyone by phone in this county to help, and when you go to Chauncey they tell you there is nobody available to talk to you. Remember when that used to be a place where people worked if they wanted to help people in need?”

“I heard about a bill that was forwarded from the Ohio House of Representatives that would allow students to theologically reject certain scientific tenets. As a person who fully believes in religious freedom of the masses, this not only sounds strange, but useless. This bill would allow students to completely deny many sciences, and could be abused since there are no guidelines to what can be seen as religious. This bill is aimed specifically at people who don't believe in evolution, but the spectrum is much larger.”

“The modern Republican party sups at the trough of ignorance, lies and treason. It used to be that you could still respect a Republican even if he was totally full of beans about the issues. Republicans nowadays don’t care about the issues; they have only one ideal – doing whatever their president tells them to do. And what he’s telling them to do is almost always wrong, bad or both.”

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