“Hard summer for restaurants with two South Court Street pizza places closing this summer, and various other restaurants around the county closing. I wonder what’s up?" 

“Virtually every day I hear that the USA’s economy has never been better. But the USA is $22 trillion in debt. Plus the average American has $38,000 in personal debt. Student loan debt is $1.5 trillion. On the national debt alone, each taxpayer owes $400,000. The debt service on the national debt is approaching a trillion bucks a year. And the debt continues to grow with no plans to turn it around. So what part of this suggests that the U.S. economy is in good shape? It is true the stock market appears to be setting new records. Isn’t it about time that we turn some of these gains into debt service pay-down? They say that unemployment is at a record low. Then they mention that most low to moderate wages have been stagnant for years. What part of all this can translate into a booming economy?”

“Oh look, the Athens Public Library had drag queens come read to children. Lightning didn’t strike, the earth didn’t quake, and no children were harmed by the innocent family-friendly stories that were read. I applaud the library for not cancelling the event like so many others across the country have done. I only saw one protester there, so the bark was more than the bite as usual.” 

“If humans are evidence of enlightenment, the dark might well be preferable.”

“Maybe they should put some money toward the roads on the Ridges. You need a four-wheel-drive to get around up there.” 

“For all the liberals in Athens just grow up. Around 44% of U.S. citizens pay no federal income tax and 45% of births are paid by Medicaid. So go ahead and look in the mirror to see who created this unsustainable situation. And YOU don’t want more taxes?”

“Re: Megan Rapinoe’s determination that she’s not going to the White House. This puts me in good company, as I’m not going to the effing White House either.”

“How is it that a major grocery store in town does not have a coffee grinder and those who do apparently have lousy ones that aren’t properly maintained, so they don’t provide a decent grind?”

“To the person citing Matthew 10, please read your Bible. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God due to all kinds of perversion and that homosexuality was a major part of it. Please read Genesis 19 for the real story. Matthew 10:14-15 says if a city doesn’t welcome Jesus’ Disciples, they are to shake the dust from their feet and move on to the next city. It had absolutely nothing to do with rejecting homosexuals.”

“Please tell me why the Athens County Engineer’s Office can’t fix Baker and Enlow Roads, with as many people as they have working for them and the budget they have to work with. But Lee Township with one working employee has some of the best roads in the county? Maybe the county should ask the township for some help!”

“Let’s talk about institutional double-speak and twisting of the facts. Ohio University claims to be ‘saving’ over $20 million by spending over $2 million to demolish three of the newest dorms on campus. Another example of letting facilities go into disrepair and justifying their demolition. Shameful.”

“The beautiful water in the pond on Rt. 13 across from Job & Family Services center is being defiled again by grass clippings being dumped into the pond. This is done when the grass is cut, and the clippings are blown into the pond, to degrade the water, turn the pond green. This is done when they cut too close to the water, and we’re making a really nice pond into a scummy mess. This is a problem. We need to review our practices and make sure we treat our natural resources as a gem rather than an industrial wasteland. We can do better than this.”

“I’d like to comment on the state of the campus at Hocking College, the grounds and the facilities, and the fact that tax dollars go into the college, and while there are some great ideas being put forth by the administration, the ability to maintain the facilities is in a sad state of affairs, which is incredibly disappointing for someone who previously worked there and enjoyed beautiful walks along the bike path and through the campus.”  “I was horribly dismayed and disappointed with the person who was quoted in the July 3 ‘Athens Voice,’ saying, ‘I’m tired of living in Athens County. All you got are high taxes, potholes and thieves.’ Have they not ventured into the beautiful ‘paradise’ we live amidst, the amazing natural surroundings we have available to us, the beautiful art and music that we can often listen to for free, the community that feels like a family? The person said, ‘There’s gotta be better out there.’ Please go and find it then, but remember the old adage, ‘The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence.’ I think you will find this will ring very true as you explore.”

“Colin Kaepernick has reared his ugly head again. Nike pays this individual millions each year just to trash the United States of America. Yet Nike manufactures its products in a country that pays ‘slave’ labor wages. If you are a Nike stakeholder, is this a company that YOU want to own? Do your due diligence.” 

“In Urdu, Arabic or Farsi, I would be first.”

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