“The artistic flair has once again brushed across an exterior wall of a building in Nelsonville. For anyone who has not noticed the newest mural added to the business district in town, it’s a must see. Unfortunately, in its close proximity is an eye-sore, the old Eagles building that seems to be sitting without any restoration and needs to be cleared for the path of the city’s beautification.” 

“It’s so nice to have an evening lap swim at the City Pool this year. Also happy about the new clock near the lap lanes, and the overhead flags marking the ends of the lanes so when swimming on your back, you know you’re near the end and don’t bash your head! All wonderful improvements this year! Thank you, pool manager! Now if we could get a few changing rooms...”

“Great idea allowing the people (us) to decide through ‘little’ sales taxes how to support county government. First, the proposed transportation sales tax. Then, how about a recreation sales tax? An ‘improve our roads’ tax? A ‘support our county sheriff” tax? Or our property tax office? What, don’t like the auditor? Then vote against the ‘auditor support tax’ On the other hand, let’s just have one overall sales tax like we do now.”

“There wasn’t much the Founding Fathers saw eye to eye on, but they did agree that a U.S. president who gives foreign governments the green light to interfere in our elections or our government so that he might personally benefit – financially or otherwise – is committing an impeachable offense. If one is indeed an ‘originalist’ who rejects the idea that the Constitution should change with the times and who hasn’t merely been blowing smoke out of his/her ass for decades, then you, too, will agree. There’s no wiggle room here. Period. Full stop.”

“When the city of Athens publishes its notice of ordinances in the paper, it’s only a brief line or two with a statement at the end: ‘The complete text may be obtained or viewed at the Office of the Clerk of Council.’ In this day and age, why can’t the complete ordinance be available online? How many people will go to City Hall to read this? Records should be as available to the public as possible.” 

“When I lived in a trailer outside The Plains, Ohio, I lived on mine-reclaimed land so we could not drink the water at the trailer because of methane and other poisonous chemicals. So we chose to get our water out of the Buchtel spring-filled water trough.” 

“Did the city of Athens even consider that there are people who work on College Street with no other option for parking at their place of employment before DOUBLING the cost of parking on the street? Don’t even mention the aggressive tactics that are used by the often quite rude parking-enforcement agents against people who are merely trying to make a living. The cost to park at my job is now over $100 a month on a $800-a-month salary. With the price of rent in this town, that is a cost I cannot afford! The city needs to reconsider.” 

“Composting directly decreases the amount of methane gas being created by reducing the amount of organic waste put in landfills.”

“As a Christian, I do not support what the Old Testament recommends for homosexuals. But I do support most of St. Paul’s views. As a member of Friends of the (Athens Public) Library, I recommend that Drag Queen Story Times be limited to those 18 and over, and held somewhere where Athens County tax money is not involved.” 

Editor’s note: As our story last Thursday made clear, the Drag Queen Story Time events at the Athens Public Library are treated like any other community event when it comes to reserving and using free library space. No tax dollars are expended, and attendance is discretionary. TS

“This is about the ‘Running Water’s a Luxury’ story in your June 13 edition. Maybe they could afford to pay their water bills if they hadn’t paid for those tattoos all over then. And another thing. They didn’t want their last names printed, but duh, their pictures are right on the front page.”

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