“Agricultural Society: Read between the lines. The citizens of the city of Athens do NOT want the County Fair held in the city limits. Please sell your property and buy some cheaper land outside the city limits to hold the fair. The ‘city folks’ still are not going to like that you permit the confederate flag, but it will not be nearly as sore of a subject. In my humble opinion, the fair is just an embarrassment and an eyesore... The flag is just the tip of this ugly iceberg.” 

 “For you idiots who want the Confederate flag banned from the Athens County Fair and everywhere else, what about history? The flag is not racism. It is a flag of history. It was a Civil War flag. Get that in your head. Quit being stupid. Take the world in a better place, not fighting over piddly-ass junk. The flag is history. If you’re going to destroy and not teach history, then do away with all history. Vietnam, World War I, World War II, Korea. As a veteran, (I think) you are wrong. As an American, (I think) you are wrong. If you don’t like what you see, get out of this country. We don’t need you.”

 “It's obvious that we need highway signs that remind people to turn their headlights on, especially in the fog (also rain,dusk, dawn) but especially in the fog. Especially IN THE FOG! ESPECIALLY I-N T-H-E F-O-G.”

“Will OU students be face down looking at their phones while riding an e-scooter? They already step into streets while on their phones without looking either direction for oncoming traffic. Unsurprisingly, the city administration has drunk the kool-aid in welcoming e-scooters, but I am surprised at the judgment of OU decision makers.”

“Atheists have weird and strange faith. They believe in nothing. I guess the universe and world don’t exist!  They forget that they can’t make themselves. How do rocks and stones exist if they are not alive? Who made atoms? We can't see atoms; they are everywhere. Common Sense: God of the Bible created atoms, dirt, rocks, plants, animals, people and water! Please come to Jesus/Yahushua before it's too late. He loves people.”

“Not only do cigarettes release harmful substances; they are also one of the most littered items worldwide, if not the most, causing chemical and plastic pollution. Please dispose responsibly.”

“What Trump was trying to do was subvert the 2020 Presidential election. Rob Portman says that's wrong but not impeachable. Sherrod Brown is silent on that issue. Fair elections are the basis of our democracy. If our senators can't defend that, then they are cowards.”

“I heard Republican apologists for our president arguing that Lt. Col. Vindman, in raising concerns about Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president, was ignoring ‘policy’ concerns related to corruption in that country, but rather devoting too much attention to Ukraine’s well-being. That ignores the fact that U.S. foreign policy was – and remains – helping Ukraine hold off the Russian threat on its border. That’s good for their national security and our national security. The fact that Trump couldn’t give a rat’s ass about our foreign policy, when his own interests are at stake, is abominable.”

“Walmart recently put in a parking space reserved for law enforcement: Why? They can already park anywhere they want. Who's gonna tow them?”

“If you’re going to ban the Confederate flag at the county Fairgrounds, don’t stop there. The rainbow flag was adopted by another group that some people don’t agree with, so ban it, also!”

“‘Hopelessly partisan,’ as two dissenting conservative Democratic House members described Thursday’s impeachment vote in the House, doesn’t mean ‘being in error,’ much less ‘hopelessly’ so. It’s healthy to see at least one party upholding the Constitution, even if the other is attempting to make it an increasingly dim memory. Republicans demanded a vote, got it, and are now whining again. R-pub politicos should be treated like teenage delinquents whom you don’t bail out Friday night, but allow a judge to inter in juvie until such time as they decide to grow up and screw their heads on straight.”

“Nothing brings forth the reflex to regurgitate more than the thought of Ebenezer Trump pedaling his brand of snake oil throughout the entire length of a nationally televised infomercial disguised as a ’fireside chat.’ It would be a good day for a national power outage.

“I am completely against the electric scooter implementation in Athens. After witnessing how they are treated in other cities (scooter operators running people off the sidewalk, scooters being left in the middle of parking lots and sidewalks), I don't think it's a good idea. Putting age restrictions on them is all well and good, but how do you regulate whether the operator is intoxicated or not? I foresee this being a huge issue during the school year. Also, seeing how ‘successful’ the bike lanes have been, do we really need this? PLEASE reconsider!”

“I have been a registered Democrat for almost 55 years and have never voted a straight ticket! I use my freedom to vote, as I believe is the best interest for my country. If the Democratic Party was as focused on presenting a candidate that is responsible, honorable and wise enough to use his/her leadership skills as they are to bring down our president, there would be a landslide election. The Democrats in power in this country are acting like the Republicans a dozen or more years ago. What has become of our nation? Why can't the two main parties in Washington focus with issues that can build a strong and honorable leadership for our country in a positive way?”

“Regarding the electric scooters that will be on the roads shortly, I’m awaiting the lawsuits when a drunk, helmetless moron face-plants into a sewer grate or missing brick. Oh and nighttime bicycle riders wearing dark clothes or having no lights on their bikes or reflectors, are just begging to become roadkill." 

“The huge U.S. flag flying at the sewer plant has been flying at three-quarters staff for weeks now. Is this to signify our standing in the world, and if so, shouldn’t it be much lower?”

“Would it be possible for the city to prohibit the sale of Civil War merchandise within its limits? There may be a complication since the Fairgrounds is owned by the county – and perhaps not subject to city ordinance – but there was no outright prohibition against such restriction found in the Ohio Revised Code. People need to vote with their pocketbooks. Don't patronize the fair; don't run for fair royalty; don't bid during the auctions. Only then do you get the message across.”

Editor’s note: The Athens County Agricultural Society, a non-governmental entity, owns the county Fairgrounds, not Athens County. TS 

“It’s interesting that the Athens County Fair allows Confederate flag merchandise. Some 35,000 Ohioans died fighting against that flag – more than WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam combined. Way to honor those men. 30,000 more were injured.”

“Mystery continues. Who is it that gets to park in front of Baker Center – often right in front of OUPD car, and right under a ‘Do not park’ sign? Those brazen enough, I guess.”

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