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“What went wrong at OU? For years, while enrollment rose, maintenance and faculty were pushed to the basement, while administration bloated exponentially. Will more of the same come from leadership out of the business school? Tell us your ‘strategy’ Mr. Sherman.”

“The theme for Ohio University’s first Juneteenth was ‘Celebration Through Education’. OU marked this event by canceling classes and closing the library.”

“I want to thank all the idiot drivers who have led to the decision by ODOT to close off the Johnson Rd. intersection in The Plains. Thanks to your lack of common sense, driving skills, or inability to follow the posted signage, the entire community now must suffer with the closure of one of its main forms of entrance and egress. Make no mistake: this is on all the people who couldn’t obey traffic law or who were too selfish to think that their actions didn’t matter. And: horrible decision by ODOT.”

“Dennis Powell’s criticism and blaming President Carter for inflation while lauding Reagan is laughable. He claims we are still experiencing the effects of Carter;s inflation 40 years later. What we are suffering are the effects of a medically diagnosed Alzheimer’s patient who believed supply-side, trickle-down economics was the way to reward his rich friends. And calling President Biden senile is merely his ageist, bigoted opinion.”

“From OU: ‘Deborah J. Shaffer [Senior Vice President for Finance] will transition to…’ ‘This follows Shaffer’s announcement that…’ ‘I am grateful to Deb for…’ Cut the bullshit. Shaffer was a self-serving monster who seriously damaged OU and the Athen’s community — like spineless Nellis, like exploitative Scholl, like conniving Sayrs, like dimwitted McDavis. Inauthenticity stinks, like the rotting corpse of a dead animal. We can smell it. We don’t like it.”

“Nellis and Shaffer: gone. Next: Sayrs. After that: Shields. Then: Secuban. Also: Jang/Marshall/Cahill (all three). Might be a good idea to toss Hall-Jones, too. Time to clean house — if the goal is to save, then rebuild, OU.”

““Who I may want or not want in our schools? Please do not make a judgement call for me! Heads up — gossips and prevaricators do not need a solid foundation — they can start with nothing. Do not build a mountain without a grain of sand or that mountain may cave in on you and you will be buried in unfounded accusations/allegations. Look at your hand while you are pointing your finger, you will see three fingers pointing back at you. Yep, could be you next on the hit list of someone wanting attention and wanting to make themselves look important by trying to cut you down to succeed this desired object. Can happen to any of us!”

“Taxation is legalized extortion where the government extorts by the coercion of money from the American citizen for protection from the criminal element.”

“Apparently ‘3,800’ future students have confirmed their enrollment for OU the Fall. However, apparently the concept of enrollment ‘melt’ must be factored in. Apparently ‘melt’ refers to ‘the percentage of students who confirm enrollment with an institution, but do not follow through with attending.’ (Wasn’t the less idiotic term ‘yield’ used not that long ago?) Apparently ‘melting’ enrollment isn’t as bad as ‘decreasing’ enrollment. In other words, 3,800 new students may or may not enroll in the Fall. The nonsense that comes out of OU is mind boggling. You can’t define yourself out of a problem. We shall see…”

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