Athens Voice

“Ohio University student IDs will now be printed with the Counseling and Psychological Services phone number on the back. How about, say, printing the Academic Help Center's number? Does OU ever put primary focus on academics? If OU would focus on academics (and not just as a PR tactic - but on solid academics) this "product" would sell itself: word of mouth advertising. Enrollment would go up. Student misbehavior would go down.”

“IF the riots were truly President Trump's fault, do you really think the Democrats and the Mainstream Media would have spent the past three months calling them PEACEFUL PROTESTS?”

“The City of Athens has lost over $300,000 in parking revenue. OU has extremely low enrollment. Don’t blame citizens or students. Businesses are forced to be closed or operate in non-market (money-losing) conditions; conversely, OU refuses to focus on quality education. Both are smug and sanctimonious and self-righteous. Both have overreacted to the virus. Both stoke fear, close doors, virtue signal, hector & finger-wag, mandate uncomfortable (and unnecessary) mask-wearing, and just generally make everything unpleasant. Law of Unintended Consequences. Law of Self-Inflicted Wounds.”

“Shout out to University Courtyard and other landlords who have been willing to defer, lower or forgive rent for international students whose jobs were lost when campus shut down in March, but whose visas prohibit them from working off campus. We know you are struggling, too. May your compassion and good will bring you lots of business!”

“Keller Blackburn has a long history of shamefully feeding at the public trough, dating all the way back to his college days. Until we can vote him out please review his expense account carefully.”

“I was on the OU Athens campus today, and couldn't believe what the conditions of the grounds were! What used to be a beautiful campus is no longer beautiful. Grass is so overgrown in many areas, makes you wonder if OU is going to bale it up and sell it for hay.”

“Athens, it is time to face reality; Higher education is no longer a reliable primary driver for the local economy. Theft has never been a viable business model.”

“Having water under your bridge doesn’t mean you know how to swim.”

“Yippee Skippy rides again! When a Turtle retires it is time to celebrate! Slow and steady wins the race. I hope we all ride into the sunset at Mick's pace.”

“Wow! Can our boy chow! If restaurants gave frequent ‘fryer’ miles the way that airlines give frequent flyer miles, Keller would be ‘circling’ the moon.”

“I was saddened last night 9-3-2020 to learn that the beutiful fawn (baby deer) that was seen by the ridges on state route 682 had been hit and killed by an vehicle last week. Very saddening it was a beautiful fawn. I generally saw it grazing with its mother on state route 682 by the ridges. I urge drivers to use caution when driving an look out for deers. they are beutiful creatures. They have been considered as if u saw an deer or an fawn then God was at work. So be extra careful out there drivers. Be safe and be careful and don’t hit and kill innocents or innocent fawns or deers they are Gods beauty at work.”

“I'm tired of wearing a mask. I'm growing increasingly tired of wearing a mask. I'm growing angry about having to wear a mask. The data shows that so many things are much (much) more dangerous than COVID-19. The data is ambiguous about how effective masks are. The argument to "err on the side of caution" has only limited purchase. Should we wear "motorcycle" helmets while driving a car? (That would seemingly be safer.) Should all kinds of warning signs be placed at stairs and in bathtubs -- with special shoes required? (Both stairs and bathtubs are very, very dangerous.) Enough.”

“If we thought the Florida ‘hanging chad’ fiasco was seriously flawed be prepared for the Trump legal challenge of mail-in ballot signatures.Be assured that every state that is not initially won by Trump will have every ballot signature challenged. And if the signature is not absolutely identical to the voters file signature it will be set aside, declared invalid and not counted. Vote early, be careful with your signature or vote in-person.”

“A walk around town reveals, in addition to the general litter and trash, many discarded face masks on the sidewalks and streets, this is disgusting and a byproduct of students returning to town, placing us all at risk.”

“Only two people have died of COVID-19 in Athens County. Why are we shutting down everything for a virus that has flatlined in June?”

“Trump’s opinion that I am a sucker for serving my country, in the military with 4 years of active and 2 years of reserve duty means that I will not be voting for him. Any current and past military service person that votes for Trump must be agreeing with him.”

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