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“How many students are registered for classes at Ohio University? Total, official, legally-binding & legally reported, numbers. And a break-down: Undergraduate and graduate. Full-time and part-time. Full-time Athens. Full-time regional campuses. Part-time Athens. Part-time regional campuses. Students living on-campus and off-campus. Students taking classes online. Etc. OU certainly has these numbers by now. As a taxpayer, and Athen-city resident, I want to see these numbers. As a taxpayer, and Athens city resident, I have a right to know these numbers.”

“The Biden/Harris ticket scares me. They will raise our taxes and destroy our jobs.”

“Insult to injury. The tone deaf university sent out an email Monday asking for nominations for administrators of the year. With a $2,000 dollar award on top of it! Nellis, Schafer and Cromer will probably take the last 6K OU has in the bank!”

“In response to a past letter to the editor (published Sept. 16): Have no fear, Wally, I don’t want to know you on facebook, social media, in person or by a friend or your relative. Please write another letter and tell us, President Trump and all the leaders of the countries of the world how you had planned to defeat this virus. Or are you just blowing hot air?”

“Let’s take a public vote: Who is the biggest OU Clown in the last three years? Duane, Deb, bautista or Ken Johnson?”

“The CDC [concerning trick-or-treat] cautions that if ‘screaming is likely to occur’ during a spooky activity, families should try to stay more than six feet apart since shouting can cause droplets to spread further. Similarly, Christmas is coming. I hope Jacob Marley has the courtesy to wear a mask and social distance when he meets and scares Scrooge. ‘Mankind was my business!’ And Santa better get a dang mask on! A true nightmare before Christmas. [Note: I hope the CDC is using science and data to determine what counts as ‘spooky.’] Humbug.”

“Boycott the Bobcats.”

“Prohibition 1920-1933. ‘The movement was taken up by Social Progressives.’ — Wikipedia (Close bars, no live music, no dancing, etc.) Hmm…”

“‘If you don’t submissively and sheepishly submit to our commands, we will make your lives even more miserable.’ So threatens the US Government, the State of Ohio, the City of Athens, Ohio University, the Athens City School District — and Karens.”

“Isn’t it ironic that so many who profess to be pro-life are anti- maskers?”

“‘I don’t think that science knows,’ has got to be the least reassuring public statement ever made by a U.S. President dealing with a national crisis.”

“OU Football: Will the football players be wearing masks? Will the players be social distancing? Will only 10 players (total) be allowed on the field? Why are football players exempted from CDC, State, and local guidelines? Are the players somehow less vulnerable to the virus? If the teams are taking ‘special precautions’ can the rest of us take ‘special precautions,’ too? I would sure like to have the freedoms these football players do. And I’m not even exchanging up-close (unprotected physical contact) breath, saliva, sweat, and blood with others.”

“Is it possible for someone to be pro-life for themselves, but understand that they or anyone else cannot make decisions for someone else? Your pro-life opinion or a Supreme Court ruling cannot take away my right to decide.”

“If Black lives really matter then BLM would be burning down every Planned Parenthood facility in this country. Speaking of burning, Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood and devout racist is burning in Hell which is only appropriate. My last point: Planned Parenthood still receives 500 million taxpayer dollars every year. Apparently the lives of unborn black babies do not matter.”

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