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“I am beseeching all of you who wear disposable masks. Please snip the plastic tie off before disposing of them. Hundreds of animals have gotten caught up and injured in them, and this number is most definitely going to increase. We all know to do this with canned pop six-pack plastic rings, but now we need to do it with our masks. While face masks have become part of our everyday lives, for animals they are a potential death trap. Please pass this message to all your friends, especially those in the medical fields and other occupations, who use them daily.”

“OU students will be randomly chosen for asymptomatic surveillance testing. They will receive an email directing them to schedule and receive a test. If directed and they choose not to be tested, students will lose access to all classes, labs, studios and will be expelled from their dorm. Contact tracing will be implemented. OU employees will be ‘invited’ to be tested. (Next the citizens of Athens will be subjected to this looming police state. Be careful. I’m watching you. I will snitch on you.) OU students: walk away from this university. Employees: start gumming up the works. No!”

“OU is now tied for 176th place as a Best Value School (I.e., most mediocre) according U.S. News and World Report rankings. Instead of hanging its head in shame at this dubious distinction, OU is bragging about this. This is hilarious.”

“Even though I politically disagree with her, I say ‘Rest In Peace’ Justice Ginsburg, who died at the age of 87 on Sept. 18, 2020.”

“Very, very sad to see the huge beautiful trees that have disappeared to make way for road around the new Chemistry Building. Progress is hard for me.”

“If in this time of budget constraints, if the Ohio University Board of Trustees can afford to give out $100, 000 bonuses to administrators, then there is no need for OU alumni to donate to OU. Let them make up for that lost money out of their ‘bonus fund.’ Why don’t the trustees just give OU administrators a cake from Walmart instead? It makes more budget sense than firing teachers and employees who keep the university going.”

“From Ohio University” ‘[OU] Community Standards is ready and able [enthusiastic?] to take action [punish] against students [and employees?] who are ... not complying with [our unconstitutional, arbitrary, unscientific, autocratic] mandates. We are working with [the police] to coordinate our responses [punishments] to infractions. [...] We [who is ‘we’?] benefit [i.e., gain even more illegitimate power] from your [?] continued support [a thinly veiled threat] when you report [aka snitch] infractions and support [?] appropriate behavior. ’ [Appropriate behavior?] What could go wrong.... [Ice, ice baby?]”

“Concerning COVID-19, Ohio University informs us: ‘We have received more reports from women (69 percent).’ What in the world does this have to do with anything? Congratulations women? Also: ‘Incident reports are distributed across the University, with the greatest number from the College of Health Sciences and Professions (23 percent), followed by the College of Arts and Sciences (14 percent), College of Business (10 percent), Patton College of Education (11 percent), Scripps College of Communication (11 percent)...’ Absolutely pointless ‘data.’ Is this the ‘science’ everyone is clamoring for? Pathetic. Useless. Unhelpful. Sad. Wonder how much gathering this completely idiotic ‘information’ cost?”

“Open the schools, let the teams play or give the people their money back.”

“The reporting done by the new editor and reporter (Dawes and Peters) is excellent! The A-NEWS is a near and dear publication to this town, and they’ve only improved it. I’m grateful for their in-depth, relevant, and professional writing.”

Editor’s note: Well thanks, kind stranger (and to you skeptics, no, neither I nor Ben submitted this).; @sydneydawes_95

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