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“The article about Athens County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn in The Athens NEWS (8/26/2020), is a painful reminder of why there is so much corruption, dishonesty and blatant misuse of our hard earned tax dollars at every level of government — and why it continues unabated. It’s because we (as voting, tax paying citizens) find out about these things through the news media, shake our heads, pay our taxes and simply hope that ‘somebody’ will do ‘something’ about it. In most cases, ‘nobody’ will do ‘anything’ and the corruption, dishonesty and misuse of our tax dollars just goes on.”

“Thank you, Ted Linscott, for writing the wonderful letter, pointing out that we should all be grateful for the many working people that are the true heroes of this pandemic. We have a tendency to take for granted so much, but maybe this pandemic has opened our eyes to giving gratitude to many who should have gotten it long before.”

“Hey, Duane! Remember to suspend/fire the administration and staff that attend public gatherings of more than 10 people.”

“Why is the Athens city government cutting arts-related funding associated with Arts/WEST while maintaining the same level of support for the police, despite OU having far fewer students in residence? Why is the city proceeding with a $7 million Stimson Ave construction project to attract businesses when we’re going to be lucky to keep the ones we have? The mayor and city council are good at performing empathy but refuse to take the correct action when it comes to helping the entire community rather than their donors. We’ll remember their priorities during next year’s municipal elections.”

“I put five hundred dollar bills in individual envelopes and mailed them to myself. There was no delay in the receipt of this mail! I was shocked when the total I received back was six hundred with an extra twenty in each envelope. The post office must have known I was conservative!”

“OU launched the curbside meal program! Now you can pay $11 a meal to help stymie the excessive expenses caused by the absence of leadership! Line up around the block to pick up your cold buffet food! Hurry and order online today, this deal will not last long! It is for a great cause. Someone has to save OU from themselves so get in line today!”

“Mayor? City Council? Pres. Nellis? Dean of Students? Where are you? So the college bars uptown flaunt all the required guidelines. They receive a citation and do it all over again the next night! Students flaunt all the required guidelines. They’re Uptown without masks; they’re packed in the bars; they’re holding house/yard/deck parties all outside of guidelines, and guess what? No city enforcement, but oh... wait... the Dean of Students sent out another “please be a good Bobcat Family and follow the rules” letter. OSU cracked down immediately and suspended students. Other towns closed the bars immediately that were in violation. We are not in a normal time. This is a pandemic and we have no leaders here. What a shame.”

“As someone who lives off East State Street, the number of speeders and red light runners I witness is disheartening. It’s like a race track anymore. It’s not the college students, either. I remember when it was patrolled heavily in the past. It needs to be patrolled again.”

“If Donald Trump is going to pronounce himself to be a wartime president, doesn’t he have a constitutional obligation to inform Congress and the public that the country he is at war with is the United States?”

“To the person who wrote in that they couldn’t get a COVID-19 test for moderate symptoms, I would encourage you to check with CVS. I could be wrong, but from what I understand, you can get tested through them and you do not need a doctor’s order. I don’t know how quick the results come, though.”

“The whole world has suffered with COVID-19, In the USA alone, 185,000 people have died. We have 22 percent of all COVID deaths, although we have only 4 percent of the world's people. No matter how you spin it, that is a governmental and societal failure on a massive scale. We have substantially more deaths from the virus than from the combat deaths in WW1, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf Wars, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. I think we could do better.”

“Assuming that Donald Trump lives his full natural life-span, he probably will eventually be paroled (on compassionate grounds) from federal prison, a bitter and lonely ex-con. Ivanka, however, will have to stay behind in the penitentiary's women's wing. Upon his release, the former president will most likely be a pauper. Fittingly, he'll find himself living alone in a one bedroom, public housing, apartment. He'll again find himself the butt of every late-nite comic's monologue. And dictionaries will have added the capitalized intransitive verb, ‘to Trump,’ meaning, to simultaneously lie, cheat, and steal, while pretending at piety and patriotism: to Trump.”; @sydneydawes_95

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