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“The administration is going to put the region at risk to save the glut of administrative jobs that are quickly being shown as fraudulent and unnecessary. Between the layoffs and this blatant money grab, nothing is left to doubt that education falls far behind the protection of management”

“The excellent article last week on Athens Parents 4 Racial Equality left out the contact information. Our email is, text 740-508-9055, and we’re on Facebook. Monthly meetings are the first Monday of the month.”

“OU President: ‘100 percent of Athens-based graduate school enrollment will be invited to the Athens campus during Phase 2.’ OU Provost: ‘SOME graduate programs will have in-person courses or activities in Phase 2.’ (Emphasis added). So, is it ALL or SOME? Also, it has been suggested that ‘31 percent” of students will return to the OU campus in Phase 2. This implies an enrollment of 21,000 students. No way. I’m hearing that no more than 5,000 students (undergrad and grad combined) are enrolled. So, how many students are ACTUALLY enrolled? We shall see…”

“Schools closed. (Online doesn’t count — and it isn’t working anyway.) Swimming pool (etc.) closed. Maybe it’s time for a tax strike?”

“OU President: ‘31 percent of Athens campus undergraduate enrollment will be invited to the Athens campus during Phase 2.’ [Thus, apparently 69 percent will not be so ‘invited.’ The high-handed arrogance of the OU Administration knows no limits.] What percentage of these students (on- and/or off-campus) will still be required to pay $1,500 in annual fees for athletics? [Note: Is OU inviting enrollment’ or ‘students’ back to campus? At all costs, don’t treat students as people. It seems that students are no longer even considered to be quasi-human ‘customers’ — now they are just ‘data.’]”

“Unnecessary death and sickness are now on Nellis’ hands.”

“When you see a sign that says no cameras, recording, whatever, that means: ‘We’re committing crimes here, and we don’t anybody having hard evidence.’ Think; If they’re doing nothing wrong, why restrict videos?”

“Last week, Francis Brennan, a director for Trump’s 2020 campaign, tweeted a video of Joe Biden walking through a cemetery and waving at reporters who asked him to talk to them. ‘Joe Biden just keeps meandering along,’ Brennan tweeted alongside the video, mocking the presidential nominee as Biden went to visit the graves of his family members, including his son Beau, first wife Neilia, and daughter Naomi. Beau died of brain cancer in 2015, while Neilia and Naomi died in a car accident in 1972. Mr. Trump was playing golf at the time. Is nothing sacred to these people?”

“Brenen’s Café closes: two employees test positive for COVID-19. With this mindset, everything is going to close – forever. This approach is unworkable. (Did either of these two employees experience symptoms: did either get sick?) I myself am certainly not taking a rushed vaccine. Herd immunity is the only way forward.”

“Props to the Garfield Ave garage band! So much fun for the neighborhood. Stuck at home is greatly improved.”

“Is it time to close off Court Street and put out chairs and tables? Cloth napkins? A vase of flowers on the tables? Bar carts? Food trucks cooking up delicious food and demonstrating recipes? Maybe an artist doing character drawings? Live music? Come on Athens!”

“Let me get this straight. For those who continue to deny the effectiveness of masks in reducing the transmission of many diseases, inclusive of COVID-19, falsely claiming the data to be ambiguous, should that be construed as your acceptance of me as a medical intern entering the operating theater without a mask or removing it during your surgery and coughing, wheezing or sneezing on or in proximity to the sterile field? And you’ll sign a waiver to that effect?”

“Choosing not to save Pilcher House? While the building crumbles, can’t the University at least replace the rag curtains in the front windows across from our historic campus?”

“Hardly a week goes by when I hear a maskless individual proclaim that it is their God-given freedom to not wear a mask. It is ok for you to be a fool but you have no right to impose that on any anyone else. I’ll suggest and in fact even proclaim that the moment you or your child gets the virus you will be crying at the door to get into a care facility, thereby exposing everyone to potential death. I’ll bet you support Trump and you certainly deserve each other. Don’t wear the mask, proclaim your freedom and just crawl into your cave and die — it’s your right.”

“The miles of orange barrels from the Rt. 33-50 interchange to Blackburn Road and beyond is creating a hazardous situation. What is the project?”

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