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“With an homage to a previous Voice conservative (Athens Voice, Aug. 19 edition): The criminality shown by recent Trump insiders should be stopped now. Where are the administration leaders in condemning this lawless behavior?”

“In the middle of a pandemic, OUHCOM has canceled a service they previously provided to students. Anyone want to guess what it is? It is one of the health and wellness services! Classy leadership. Refund the students, the school is also impacting the future earnings of these students by denying audition rotations. Stop the failure, support the students.”

“The argument that educators are the same as health care workers and first responders and should therefore, suck it up, has many flaws. The most glaring is that when a vaccine does become available, health care workers will be given priority and be the first to receive the vaccine to help them with their work. Educators will not. Saying these professions are the same is false.”

“‘The Promise of Ohio University’ and ‘The 30 Mile Meal’ are sorely missed. Whomever chose to idle or abandon those themes for whatever reason owes the Athens community far more than an apology.”

“OU enrollment is declining year after year. OU will spin this decline into a PR joke, blaming everyone and everything but the institution itself. Enrollment is declining due to basic economic principals. The cost of the education at OU does not match the value of an education at OU. That’s it, so simple. Potential solutions might include; improving the education or reducing the cost. Could you imagine the positive PR OU could have achieved had they chosen to be a leader in higher education and reduce tuition for their students during COVID-19? That would have helped OU’s reputation.”

“Hey, Duane. Continue to be a leader and reduce the tuition of all students in correlation to the lost services and educational benefits caused by these decisions. This is common sense to benefit the future of your students.”

“I couldn’t get a COVID-19 test for moderate symptoms because my doctor told me that there is a shortage. The health department confirmed this. If I get sick enough to need the ER, I will get a test, but you can’t just show up there with bad symptoms, only severe. I was told to go to a pop-up site. The next sites here will be when students come back. If I have no test, and no official quarantine from the health department, I get no COVID-19 related sick pay and can’t take off work. You want sick people at work? Get tests here.”

“For those of you so with such confidence in ‘universal mail-in voting,’ take five one hundred dollar bills, put them in an envelope and mail them to yourself. If you’re afraid to do that, then universal mail-in voting is not such a great idea, is it?”

“P4P is an exclusive Facebook group requiring acceptance for membership. In this closed group parents post concerns and issues which are commented on by other members. Some ACSD school board members actively engage, comment, answer questions, and post their opinions on school policy to members of this group. It is unethical for board members to reveal and be influenced by information not available to all parents in the community they serve. All voices must be equal.”

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