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“Is it just me, or was anyone else dismayed with the sensory floor at the Coolville Elementary School? (July 29, The Athens NEWS) It’s not the idea that upsets me, I actually love the idea. But what are we teaching kids when we have them ‘squishing bugs?’ Won’t they get the idea that they are supposed to do that in real life? Many bugs are necessary for our ecosystem to function properly, even for us to survive. I hope if any other schools copy the idea, they remove that part and replace it with something else, like ‘pop the balloons.’”

“Kudos to Sarah Fick and her ‘team’ (see her letter in the July 22 edition of The Athens NEWS) for offering services to those that may be interested in a rainwater catchment system. What a wonderful idea! I am constantly (and happily) amazed at how many in the community reach out to help others in need.”

“I see campaign signs saying ‘Keep America Great.’ After some thinking about it, I see the message on the hats was not the complete thought. The complete thought is: ‘Make America great again for me and my rich friends.’ And he did. Now he wants to keep America great for him and his rich friends. The rest of us can just hurry up and die.”

“Just got another late fee from a second business and I am FURIOUS! I always pay my bills on time but since this mail slow-down, I am worried about my good credit rating. Postmaster DeJoy: This has got to stop! My cousin mailed me an envelope postmarked Aug. 3 and I received it Aug. 11. She could have driven it to me faster.”

“So, you’re telling me the same Democrats that hate old white men and cops just nominated an old white man and a cop as their presidential candidates?”

“The criminality shown by recent protests should be stopped now. Where are the Black Lives Matters leaders in condemning this lawless behavior?”

“If only our current administration could try as hard to stop the virus as they are trying to stop us from voting.”

“OUHCOM is consistently failing their students. I am not a student but the unwillingness to provide simple services to ensure students are good placement candidates for residency programs is despicable. I suppose OU really is a party school, HCOM included unfortunately.”

“People can go to, then call the Athens Board of Elections to request a mail in ballot. You will be mailed a ballot just after Oct. 3. Immediately fill out the ballot and mail it back to the Election Board. Make your vote count!”

“If anything and everything can be defined as the sum of what it is and what it isn’t, and if for anything and everything there is an opposite, then it aligns with reason that anything and everything can also be defined as nothing.”

“Boy, the City sure stepped in it when closing the ARTS/West building and laying off two valuable employees of the Arts, Parks and Recreation Department. This will come back to bite Athens.”

“I hope The Athens NEWS will begin publishing the ‘Free Will Astrology’ column by Rob Brezsny on a regular and consistent basis.”; @sydneydawes_95

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