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“I wonder who the new Associate AD for Business Operations is replacing? Or is it a new position in OU's Athletics Department?”

“Ohio University administrators seem content to allow the return of tens of thousands of students into the Petri dish that will be Athens in a few weeks. There is a tsunami of COVID-19 coming. OU will be defending itself from COVID-based lawsuits for the next ten years.“

“I am a student at Ohio University. When the university closed suddenly last spring with less than 48 hours warning, I was without a job and without housing. I couch-surfed at night and spent my days walking around Athens with a backpack of my most important belongings- the rest locked away from me in a residential building I wasn’t allowed to access. I was stranded. Perhaps I am selfish, but I don’t understand why the lives of 20,000 students matter less than families that have lived here for 30 years. Close the bars, close the restaurants, enforce masks and bans on gatherings and house parties. But is it necessary to close the university and leave 20,000 people stranded? We do not all have the privilege of a welcoming family home to fall back on. For many Ohio University isn’t a second home, or a home away from home, but our only home.”

“On July 4, the beach at Strouds Run was packed. The parking lot was nearly full. There were no masks in sight. I remember wondering what the COVID-19 numbers would be in two weeks. Did the health department officials consider this when they speculated on the origins of the spike in cases?“

“Why does the Board of Trustees of OU meet remotely? Easy, Coronavirus. Why does the Board of Trustees of OU favor in person instruction? Easy, money. What did we learn? The highest leadership at OU is unwilling to treat their students the same way they treat themselves due to greed.”

“The County Fair is canceled. Study away is canceled. Not wearing a mask is canceled. In-person instruction for K-12 will be canceled. We have done this before, there is a playbook, time for OU in person courses to be canceled. OU must put the health and safety of the students, administration, and staff first and foremost...... or at least stop saying that they are. Be progressive. Be academic. Be aware of the science. Place health over money. Be a leader. Talking to you, Duane!”

“Congratulations to the doctor at the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine who is not ‘terribly concerned’ about contracting the virus at the university. But what about the hundreds of other professors and employees who are -- and rightfully so.”

“Uptown looks so nice with the beautiful baskets of flowers and no trash! Thank you for something to smile about.”

“Seriously?, No other opinions about wearing or not wearing masks? Per OSHA work guidelines, O2 levels below 19.5 percent are dangerous. Your O2 levels when you put on a mask are between 17.5-19 percent. Plus, masks should be discarded after 10 minutes to prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria and mold. Humans need fresh air to strengthen and maintain their immune systems! Sounds like basic science, doesn't it?"

“It is time for Black Lives Matter to address the damage and looting that they have ignored since the death in Minnesota. They should be up front in attempting to make those innocent individuals whole again.”

“To the Baileys Trails project doubter (from July 8 Athens Voice) who said ‘I’ve heard it said of the financing and construction of the Baileys Bike Trail ‘...if you build it they will come.’ Well, maybe you should take a drive through Chauncey. The trails are only 15 percent completed and large numbers of folks are coming from all over Ohio, plus MI, PA, WV, KY to ride the trails. Chauncey Park can barely handle the traffic.”

“Athens News, please also look into how our Health Department is processing ‘recovered’ cases. It looks a little shady how these are being processed. Also, please look into the broken COVID-19 test processing machine that is creating a lag in results in Athens.”

“Applying Donald Trump’s infallible ‘more tests means more cases’ COVID-19 logic to other areas, fewer women having pregnancy tests would mean fewer women are pregnant. If pregnancy tests were made illegal, only lawbreakers would get pregnant. If all women walked in goosestep, negative population growth would begin immediately, placing lesser demand on resources, slowing species extinctions and deforestation. Wow! All problems solved! Not sure if that falls under the heading of fantasy or delusion.”

“The biggest problem with stone soup in Ohio is too much sandstone.”

“I see that in spite of study after study showing masks do not prevent transmission or reception of the virus, Athens is demanding we wear them. Hello, Jackson Kroger! Hello, Mason Walmart! There is nothing Athens has that we can't get somewhere else. Bye!”

"There are approximately 11,750,000 people living in Ohio. Approximately 3,300 have died of COVID-19-related complications. The vast majority of that were over the age of 70 or individuals under that age with pre-existing conditions. Total mortalities in Athens County? One. Let's move on, folks."

"I am expressing thanks to workers stuck in stores, gas stations, healthcare facilities and other necessary services. People are content to collect government money to the point of being smug about the newfound wealth. We should appreciate these hardworking people keeping society functioning."

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