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“Please tell me how having a room full of 17/18 year olds who are laughing and talking in a classroom for an hour is different than a a bar? It’s different in that a whole new group comes in a classroom every hour 7 times in one day. A few bars got us into RED. Opening a school to students will be deadly to me. Any Athens County school who congregates children and teens together will effect nearby districts and our ability to get to the ER if need be. A long extended break is not the end, death is.”

“What is a probable positive case of coronavirus other than verbage to keep the panic alive.”

“Glad to see Athens hit the panic button, do the math .003 percent infected county wide and it's full blown panic”

“In the Spring of 1977, I was told to go to the APD after witnessing a minor altercation outside of Sanky’s bar. The police wanted me to press charges against another student who was being belligerent. Upon declining, I was taken to a back room, handcuffed to the leg of a metal table, and strangle almost to death. I remember the officer smiling joyfully as his thumbs fully constricted my esophagus. I wasn’t black, but had long hair, which made me ‘the other.’ This incident of police brutality is one reason why this 62-year-old white male financially supports BLM.”

If a “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service” sign doesn’t trample on your freedoms and supposed rights why does a “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Mask, No Service” sign trample on them?

COVID-19 in Athens County: Early May - 11, Mid May - 14, June 1 - 19, June 15 - 26, July 1 - 58, July 15 - 220. What happened to spark the enormous rise? In mid June OU student athletes returned. If OU re-opens in the fall Athens County will be swept by the pandemic - old people and people with underlying conditions will die in droves. Families that have been here since 1800's will be devastated. About the only ones who will get off lightly are the regents who live out of the area.

City council should just call it what it is. Close the bars, close the diners, a mask can not be worn in these establishments. While we are at it close OU. Graduate the students in their last year. Use the endowment. Move on with life. It's the right thing to do.

“Is it time for Black Lives Matter to address the damage and looting that they have ignored since the death in Minnesota.They should be up front in attempting to make those innocent individuals whole Again.”

“On the 14-inch display on my laptop, the Athens News site is almost unreadable due to the menu bar up top and the ad bar at the bottom (I'm assuming it's for ads. Doesn't show anything for me with adblock on). It seems to be serving me the mobile interface due to my display size. Consider making some changes to the CSS and testing on various display sizes.”

“Might Athens City Council like to just query Athenian taxpayers about the issue of ‘face masks’ before mandating their use? While members of City Council have stated that they are not interested in debate, might they just humor the citizens? What if, for example, Citizen X stated that she will shop in Nelsonville if facemasks are mandated? What if, for example, Citizen Y (who has lost his job at OU) decides that he will now move away from Athens because he chooses (using the rights granted to him by the 1st Amendment) not to wear a mask? Just wonderin.’”

“Thank you Morgan Hager, for your tactful and insightful letter to the editor in the July 15 edition of the Athens news. Your point is well taken and much appreciated!!”

“I hope someone can dig into this. The Hocking College Medical Marijuana Testing Lab has been open for 1.5 years now. I thought they were supposed to be bringing in MILLIONS in revenue from that site. So, why don't any of the medical marijuana labels on my jars say "tested by Hocking College?" Looks like another waste of resources. Did it create 10+ jobs? How much of the $2 Million did you make back so far?”

“Athens is going to be a disaster with 19k students invading the town in a few weeks. OU admin-wake up! You are putting our community at risk.”

“'Health department officials dispute where Athens’ COVID-19 spike originated.' Small town politics at their worst. The COVID-19 spike comes from OU students returning to campus - especially athletes, especially from urban areas. Until I see objective data otherwise, this is the logical (and self-evident) explanation. OU cowers; Athens Health Department covers OU's rear end. One hand washes the other. Small town politics.”

“My opinions are in the minority in Athens. OK — I get it. The mandate to wear masks and not opening the schools are wrong-headed policies. To the best of. my ability, 1) I'm gonna shop outside of Athens, and 2) I'm gonna enroll my AHS children in home schooling - perhaps never returning to the Athens school system.”

“No one loves Ohio University more than me. The students and their energy make Athens a unique and excellent place to live. But in light of the already spiking COVID-19 cases here (largely attributed to student-based activity) it seems ludicrous to inject 20,000 more people into this community in the next few weeks. Ohio University administrators MUST do the right thing. At the very least delay opening until October.“

“COVID-19 infections quadruple since reopening galas. Athens County raises the alarm, but you’re instructed not to be alarmed. Your concerns shouldn’t be disconcerting. Think, but don’t think too much. Officious sorts butter all sides of their bread. The myopic hand out free nose rings and lanyards. Ohio’s State Senate would turn consenting school districts into fall virus vectors, placing the fate of each community in the hands of every district’s cast and crew of Gilligan’s Island.

If among insanity’s definitions is constant repetition while expecting different results, save yourself the bus fare. You‘ve already arrived. #homeschool2020”

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