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“Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 I feel the school districts should continue to offer distance learning for those of us that are able to stay home with our kids. This could help with social distancing for the families that are not able to stay home with their kids.”

“Thanks OU for reporting positive cases from your athletic programs. It will help others when contract tracing is impossible with community spread. So how are the local high school athletic programs doing? Any community spread we should be concerned about before school reopens?”

“Trump didn’t like the CDC guidelines for school reopening so now he’s demanding new ones and threatening to withhold federal funds to schools that don’t fully reopen. Is science dead? I’m thinking I might be soon. Airborne indoors + non mask requirements for students + no air flow = spread. How many ICU beds do we have here?”

“Ken ‘Bad PR’ Johnson recently thanked the OUHCOM faculty and staff for making in person instruction safe. Another example of a fiscally mismanaged organization trying to look good. Just call it what it is already, OU! Attempting to prevent complete economic collapse by putting people at risk. In other words, inhumane and graciously greedy.”

“If K-12 educators are going to be required to have a duty to assess students for symptoms upon arrival at school, monitor for symptoms throughout the day and then diagnose students needing in school quarantine until a health assessment is provided then I would argue that teachers are being forced to be unlicensed health care referral practitioners by diagnosing students. What’s the liability there? Do teachers get N95 masks for that forced duty? Who suffers? Teachers are only highly qualified under their specific license. I see it as an abuse of health care by leaders who want free unlicensed work.”

“I learned that Jackie O's is springing for a takeout window. Meanwhile, dedicated skeleton crew is suffering from three times its workload for in-house, pickup and delivery not to mention a broken kitchen AC unit. Basic Sociology principle: happy workers are productive workers.”

“If the headline in the Messenger reports a k-12 school closure for cleaning and an outbreak of COVID cases involving staff and students that information is private health information, but students who have the right to choose to post about their COVID experience online, the limited face-to-face staff, and the online information posted about classes in schools will allow anyone to easily see what classroom was involved. That staff member will have no protection of privacy in our small town even if the name is not mentioned by the health department. Why should teachers/staff be so easily exposed?”

“When a local business seizes an opportunity to profit, we charge them with price gouging. When Big Pharma raises the price of insulin so high that people start dying because they can't afford it, we look the other way. What I want to know is when is a prosecutor going to grow some cojones and prosecute these murderers?”

“Our president hasn't’ done very well citing real threats to our country: COVID-19 virus, foreign government intruding in our elections, poverty and so much more. Instead, in desperation, he uses racial anxiety to manipulate white folk into voting for him. If he cared about our country, he would try to bring people together, rather than insulting and demonizing African Americans and their supplies. Don’t fall for this obvious and poisonous trick again.”

“Councilwoman Sarah Grace (who apparently holds an MPA from Ohio University) has said, on the issue of Athens’ City Council mandating COVID-19 masks: ‘[As] someone with a Master's in Public Health, [the benefit of wearing a mask is] not a fact that is debated.” Whoa! An MPA from OU?! Well, that settles the debate once and for all! Stupid me, I almost had an incorrect opinion. Who am I to argue with someone who holds an MPA from OU! Heretics, beware! Athenian Neo-Puritan Theologians (some of whom hold MPAs from OU!) have made a decree!”

“City Council and COVID-19 mask mandate: 1) What is the criteria for ending the mandate? 2) Is City Council within its legal rights – or is it ‘mandating’ by fiat? 3) Do the police have nothing better to do? If the police have nothing better to do than “ticket” people not wearing masks, does this indicate that we have too many police and that the police should be defunded? 4) How is the proposed appeals board created specifically for the issue different from a kangaroo court? Can City Council legally create extra-judicial ‘courts’? 5) Does the undemocratic mob rule Athens?”

“Why did the Athens City Government pass a mask ordinance that doesn't require police officers to comply? Most likely because they are afraid of the police just like everyone else.”

“Cancel the Athens County Fair.”

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