“The banners on the Richland Avenue bridge with photos of super-hero children are beautiful. They always bring a smile to my face. Many thanks to all those who made this possible. Beauty everywhere we look in Athens.”

“America – proud to the bitter end, especially when racing to the bottom.”

“U.S. senators and members of the House:  If you are unwilling to step up and acknowledge that the 21st century civilian machine gun has no place in our communities because you have accepted NRA money, then you should step aside and allow someone with a conscience to do the right thing and protect the American people.”

“For whoever wrote the negative comments in the Athens Voice regarding ‘the optics of those horrible orange signs’ and ‘the speed bumps are stupid’: Why do you supposes these ‘optics’ are in place? I’ve lived on the Near East Side for about 10 years. If I had a nickel for every time someone drove by my house at 35-40 mph, I’d be well on my way to having a roll of them... People in this neighborhood have small kids and pets! How about waking up yourself?!”

“I think someone should post a list of the criminal records of all Democrat office holders, their families and donors.  After all, that’s public record, right? Or would that be harassment?  You damn well know the answer.”

“Stop blaming Trump. The great experiment is over.  He has been given a chance and has proved himself unable to be a qualified president as required by the oath of office. We have been witness to his inner thoughts because they have been fully on display from the beginning

 His understanding of issues is about two sentences deep. Pretty much the same as most drunks at a sports bar. There are lots of bad reasons why we put this incompetent in office but it is not his fault. Stop blaming Trump and get on with a qualified replacement. The stakes are too high to let him stay in office.”

“We thought this world would be in a lot better shape by now. Then some of our peers had kids, lost IQ points in the process, and turned into law-and-order, racist, Clinton-voting (expletives deleted) in a misdirected attempt to protect their children and property values. They were on a mission to child-proof the Constitution and obliterate everyone’s rights, especially brown people. ‘What about the children?’ was their war cry, and progressivism died every time that phrase was uttered.”

“So if Trump reports to the Frenchman, Wayne LaPierre, then that would make Mike Pence the assistant to the vice-president.  Just wanted to clarify that." 

“In response to ‘your letters’… ‘OU needs be held accountable for Brown House.’ OU gets away with anything it wants. It has the attitude of a drug crime boss, ‘our way or no way.’ It’s disgusting how they have torn down all the historic buildings they have, and then bragging in the one article how much money they have spent keeping up their buildings. Anyone who works there knows they virtually don’t do any maintenance on their buildings. They are falling down around the employees’ ears (leaking roofs, black mold, air filters not cleaned for years, to name a few) in hopes they can justify tearing down yet another one. What a terrible day when Brown House was demolished.” 

“It is beyond time for the Athens County Fair to be moved outside of the city of Athens. There is no tolerance for the Confederate flag and other symbols of racism in the city of Athens, and I appreciate the commissioners and mayor for speaking out. The lack of action from the Fair Board is their choice, but it should be the city’s choice on whether they can return. A-NEWS: It would be nice to know who owns that land and the legal nuances of it. That is, can the city evict the Fair?” 

“I’d like to know what Athens County residents think about our officers in the county who cover the Land Bank, or take over the properties for delinquent taxes. They take the properties over; they’re supposed to clean them up and resell them. (This ‘Voice’ submitter then cites two instances of public improvements to properties with no property-tax benefits to the county or taxpayers.). Now they come on and want the taxpayers to approve a levy so they can put a quarter of a percent of taxes on the ballot.  I think it’s stupid; I think they need to quit giving land away, and taking it off the tax rolls so we have to cover the charges.”

“The Athens County Commissioners are wrong to curb free expression. The Confederate flag is basically a swastika – sure, it’s a symbol of racism, gun violence and hick stupidity, but if people are hateful and ignorant enough to want to brand themselves that way, they have that right. Ain’t no law against stupid." 

“‘You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.’ – Toni Morrison, African-American writer, teacher and Nobel Prize winner.”

“Dennis Powell needs to seek a new secret group who praise Daniel Boone (known as boonies). They want to Make Appalachia Great Again (do not abbreviate) by getting rid of cell phones and other electronic gizmos. Boone went to Kentucky for the trapping season and just decided to stay another year. No email, tweet, Skype or selfies. Two years without contact. Think about it, wouldn’t that be great! Boonies want to blow up cell towers and build a wall south of I/70.”

“In recent U.S. news, attention has been directed toward immigration – especially toward immigrants of limited socioeconomic means. One Republican tried to revise the poem on the Statue of Liberty that was inspired by a compassionate spirit that welcomed the oppressed and huddled masses from faraway lands. What this Republican may have forgotten is that these huddled masses held on their weary shoulders the capitalist ventures of coal barons, railroad tycoons and others whose names are still held in great esteem. Likely, immigrants are still exploited under a different guise. Are we still looking the other way, distracted by propaganda and racism?”

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