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“In the June 2 installment of The Athens NEWS, a writer was concerned about the integrity of Robin Webb: you needn’t worry. It takes a cynicism-naiveté combo not to see, when an agency’s public information officer calls press back to clarify that something was THEIR fault, that person has made a sacrifice regardless of who’s to blame. When tragic, avoidable issues occur, it is all too easy to point our fingers at dedicated caseworkers, advocates, and other staff — predominantly women — while ignoring actual problems (low rates of prosecution for sexual violence, law enforcement corruption, trafficking, etc) that are perpetrated and perpetuated by systems governed by men.”

“One writer last week reported that someone at Athens County Children’s Services removed a Facebook post concerning disgraced Athens Deputy Sheriff (and ‘school resource officer’) Jimmy Childs. The writer said, ‘Something is rotten if ACCS didn’t investigate the accusations.’ Agreed! Another writer wrote, ‘Athens parents do not want our children attending a school that has any association with Jimmy Childs. Athens school’s superintendent needs to put out a statement that Jimmy will not be employed any longer.’ Agreed!”

“On a weekly basis, Ohio University ‘revises’ its mask policy. There is always some dubious claim about ‘following science.’ The problem is that it is impossible to to derive an ‘ought’ (people should wear masks under conditions X) from an ‘is’ (X-number of ...). At some point, logic should be part of of the decision making process. OU’s newest policy: ‘When indoors, face coverings are required regardless of vaccination status.’ This is completely illogical — and unhelpful medically/socially. Wokological.”

“To Ohio University President Hugh Sherman: You are inheriting a university severely damaged by the two previous presidents. OU is on the cusp of either collapsing – or being reborn. Ohio University’s Dean Scott Titsworth and Professor Robert Stewart are both under investigation by the university’s Title IX office. This issue (Stewart/Titsworth) needs to be squarely and equitably addressed – and resolved transparently. You don’t want this festering issue to eventually tarnish your legacy at OU. Rebuild OU!”

“Ohio University’s newest illogical, unscientific, silly policy on masks: ‘All individuals are required to wear a face covering while indoors on OHIO campuses regardless of vaccination status.’ Why? So the vaccines don’t work? The real problem is that for the last year, Ohio University has just issued mandates with no explanations or rationales why. (The reason for ‘just issuing mandates’ is that they have never had sound explanations or rationales.) Anyway, this newest mandate just makes OU look ridiculous. Farcical. And kinda petty.”

“‘For though laws be overborne by some one individual’s power, though the spirit of freedom be intimidated, still sooner or later they assert themselves either through unvoiced public sentiment, or through secret ballots disposing some high office of state. Freedom suppressed and again regained bites with keener fangs than freedom never endangered.’ — Cicero”

“Some Ohio University faculty members are whining that they weren’t consulted by the Board of Trustees in the selection of the new President of OU. The fence-sitting Faculty Senate Chair whispered, ‘This is certainly not about the candidate or candidate’s credentials … It’s about process and the message that is sent when faculty are not consulted.’ (It doesn’t get weaker than this.) Are OU faculty members really surprised that the Board didn’t consult with them? (Rhetorical.) The Board knows the Faculty isn’t actually going to DO anything. Dirty, wet, cold dishrag-handshakes all around.”

“We need to get back to the time when the government was the last resort an not the first resort that it is today.”

“What’s with all the resignations at Hocking College? Over the past few months there has been a massive departure among leadership staff, directors, faculty, etc. Is all this attrition due to the hostile environment created by the ‘leadership’? Could it be due to the precipitously declining enrollment? Rumor is that the college is way down for fall enrollment.”

“Petition to make former professors quit using their emails. Weird display of a status symbol.”

“So what’s up with ‘Harvest’ on W. Union ? The building has been sitting there for what feels like years and looks empty. Can someone look into this and report out to the community? We need an update. Why does Logan and Jackson have a dispensary but not Athens? Answers please!”

“According to the OU Board of Trustees, ‘The Board values shared governance and is deeply committed to engaging the full University and the broader community.’ Obviously. (At least ‘Trustee’ Dave Scholl is on his way out. Don’t let the door hit you...)”

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