“Many owner occupied residents don't realize this, but there is an opt out option for trash as well! When you start your new service, you are automatically signed up for 2 containers! Most people are unaware of this! I would suggest that when you get your next bill, you look to see if you are paying $12, if so, you are paying 2 containers! You can call the department listed on the bill, and ask for 1 container! Word is, they are trying to say it is per bag! Read the ordinance 30oz container! July 1st goes up 32oz!”

“It is very frustrating when not one person takes a simple step that would save so many other people time. Signage! If appropriate, put an Out of Order sign on computers, etc. the public is going to expect to use. Do we each have to try and try, and then wait in line at a desk to ask for help, only to be told "That is out of order." So much time wasted! As an employee, after you deal with the frustrated, grumpy customer, will You take the time to make a sign?”

“Wear a mask if you like just don't attempt to force your fears on me! My body my choice! Sound familiar?”

“No thief, however skillful, can rob one of knowledge, and that is why knowledge is the best and safest treasure to acquire.” Remember students don't pay for what is free.

“There is ample parking at west state fields for bike path access. Why do so many people insist on trying to squeeze into the few spots at the Currier st entrance? People live down there and those are private yards you are parking in/turning around on.”

“Little Cities of Black Diamonds Initiative: ‘a marketing and branding effort meant to promote [and] bring visitors and new residents alike back to coal country.’ For the last 50+ years, no local industry has been more viciously demonized and decimated than ‘coal.’ So now, the goal is to romantically look back on the once vibrant and quaint coal era? Now ‘coal is cool’? ‘They took all the trees and put ‘em in a tree museum. And they charged all the people a dollar and a half to see 'em.” [Mayor Patterson to Kiser's BBQ: 'You're leaving?']”

“Can a public records request be made to find out which of OUs VPs and Deans voluntarily reduced 10% of their salary? (This does not include the required furlough.) The President and Provost challenged them ALL to reduce their salaries by 10%. Who met that challenge? I've heard that some have, and at least one has not. Will President Nellis post who has joined the faculty and staff in making sacrifices for the good of the whole? We are paying attention.”

“Mayor Patterson and Chris Chmiel should pause and take a step back in time. We had here locally a very viable attraction that was heavily used. Can you remember when Dow Lake was packed on weekends , not a camping space to be had and many were occupied all through the week. Swimming, camping, fishing boating and many group gatherings using the shelters. Go look at it now, kind of resembles a place that has gone to pot. The upkeep of the grounds is horrible , no lifeguard, campgrounds are trashy, you might see a Ranger if you are lucky.”

“Baileys Trail To bring in thousands of new visitors each year? I know a bridge you can buy for a lot less than $90,000 a year contributed by the City of Athens. Oh, I almost forgot, the new chair of ORCA just happens to be Mayor Patterson, imagine that. Somewhere back in an issue of The Athens News was an article about how many motel room ,ect. had to be filled each day to break even, let alone return any revenue to the City. Let us not forget that ORCA is now in the process of hiring a new executive director for ORCA but at what salary.”

“Athens City Council has approved $35,000 matching funds for the Grant. Then the Mayor tells us that the money can only be used for economic development and city enhancements. I shall be waiting to see what happens in the city that fits either one of these requirements. With the Covid-19 times we live in and the long term effect I don't see the City’s cost of the Baileys Trail the economic boom that some wish for.”

“It seems our Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag needs an update: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the U.S. of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty (To Breathe) and justice for ALL.”

“Would like to thank the trumpet player in The Plains who played taps on Memorial Day. We stepped out onto our porch on Shady Lane a few minutes before in hopes that someone nearby would be playing. It was very moving.”

“Funny how so many of the things you learn at an early age stick with you. Sister Gertrude was the definition of a frustrated, angry, white woman, who taught an entire class how to not want to read music. In second grade, Miss Bendely was the definition of hot before hot was a thing. And then there was the catechism lesson of Trump promising some Hispanic guy by the name of Jesus that he could possess the world if he but bowed down before him.”

“The biggest issue with being woke has always been the opportunists waiting for you to take a nap.”

“The really great thing about being proficient at procrastination is you can put any mid-life crisis off long enough that you never have to worry about it.”

“I sent an email to the City of Athens to opt out of the compost program. In return, I got a sanctimonious email from Athens-Hocking Recycling lecturing me about methane and global warming. I was also informed that there is a waiting list to buy compost. Then, there was a near (but not quite) accusation of me being a ‘Food Waster!’ Finally: ‘Hey, it's a good deal!’”

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