“The University’s response to a Nazi image painted on the graffiti wall supports racism. Protecting white supremacy with a canned comment needs further examination. Why is it ok, OU?”

“Who will hold OU’s administration responsible for the disrespect they show to faculty and students by telling us that there is a strict hiring freeze (when most programs have just lost faculty) and then post a hiring announcement for a highly paid position for an Assistant Men’s Basketball coach? This is reprehensible and is evidence of the lies and manipulation by the administration. Students and faculty, speak up!”

“So, the city is going to opt in everyone to the tune of about an extra $6 per month. And what happens when you (or the oh-so-careful) collection team lose your bucket. You get to pay for a new one!”

“My brother thinks there should be an outhouse amendment to the constitution where the government of the land should not get considered in the outhouse but in the laws refined from our common experience, Natural Virtues: Justice, Prudence, Fortitude, Temperance.”

“The Athens Health Department really needs to investigate local restaurants not having their employees comply with orders from the state regarding the wearing of masks and gloves. Subway in The Plains and Wendy’s on East State I’m looking at you.”

“Kudos to Katherine Jordan who wrote a letter in the June 17 edition of the Athens news. She did an excellent job explaining the notion of ‘bad apples.’ Even I have been guilty of us that term, so I was thrilled to read her insight, and plan on hanging onto her letter to share with others.”

“I take issue with Katherine Ann Jordan’s article (A NEWS, 6/17/20). She does not know me, how I was raised, nor how I have run my life. She insults me with the brush so broad that it paints every white person a racist. To say that all white people are racists is a racist statement. She even insinuates that the founder of Christendom was a racist. I don’t see Jesus that way. I also don’t think that tearing down all our institutions is the solution. Children are not born racist, they are taught racism by their parents. There’s your trouble.”

“I’m a 73 year old woman with COPD and AFIB. Both affect my breathing and my heart. When I see people going into a store or restaurant without wearing a mask it scares me. If I get COVID-19 I doubt i would have an easy time recovering. Or chances are good I wouldn’t recover at all. Let’s say you had mild COVID symptoms but you say it’s just allergy. Or maybe you have had no symptoms but don’t know if you’re a carrier. Without a mask you endanger my very well being. Because you’re too lazy to put it on.”

“I think it’s great that the fair vendors are going to be allowed to sell Confederate merchandise. I think everybody should have the right to do that.”

“I would not buy a Confederate flag. I would not allow my children or grand-children under 18 to purchase a Confederate flag. I have had conversations at the Athens County Fair about why I feel that way. But I do not feel that it is my right to make purchasing decision for others.”

sdawes@vintoncourier.com; @sydneydawes_95

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