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“The Ohio University Board of Trustees has appointed Dr. Hugh Sherman as the 22nd President of OU. From 2007-2021, Sherman served as dean of OU’s College of Business and as the Corlett Chair of Strategy and Senior Economic Policy Fellow in the Voinovich School for Leadership & Public Affairs. This is a good call. Sherman stands to be an excellent President. The Athens city Democratic Central Committee voted to appoint Ohio University LGBT Center Director Micah McCarey to a seat on Athens City Council. McCarey is Black gay man and holds a Master’s Degree in Communication from OU.”

“Concerning summer camps, the CDC says, ‘Camps may choose to continue to require masks for [those campers who have been] vaccinated ... to set an example for not fully vaccinated campers.’ How does a vaccinated person, wearing a mask, ‘set an example’? Wouldn’t not-wearing a mask be the example to set? Anyway, the CDC has completely lost credibility. I’m always curious what the recipe-of-the-day is, but I’d take advice from a rock before I’d believe any public ‘health’ authorities.”

“Congratulations to the Democrats for ‘stealing’ the 2020 election. You couldn’t have picked a better year. But then how did so many Republican troglodytes get elected?”

“Concerning COVID, vaccines, and masks, Athens Councilwoman Sarah Grace, D-At Large, said, ‘My gut feeling is ...’ In March, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky (Democrat) said she had a ‘recurring feeling of impending doom.’ My gut feeling is that logic and rationality are better for making important decisions than are gut feelings.”

“I asked Senator Portman if someone tried to burn his house down wouldn’t he want to know why and who. I then asked why the Republicans didn’t want to know who or why the capitol building was attacked. Perhaps the GOP should change it’s symbol from the elephant to an Ostrich.”

“Wow! Those roses at the Courthouse? Magnificent!”

“Some time ago, I let my primary care provider at the time know that I sometimes felt that when dealing with professionals of any kind- especially medical professionals- there was an assumption that I was a person without education. This person admitted as much. I was reminded again today at a medical appointment — by staff — that the doctor assumed that I would be un-washed. This is among the joys of living in a university town in Appalachian Ohio. If you don’t work for the university, you must be a moron.”

“Last week, one writer exclaimed, ‘Jimmy Childs, say it ain’t so! So many kids look up to you.’ This is naive. Many folks in Athens (parents, social workers) have worried, ‘Jimmy Childs is the Athens’ schools resource officer. Say it ain’t so! He tricks kids into looking up to him.’ There are very serious issues — more than in the general public’s eye — that need investigation and transparency. In Athens, who — in positions of authority — are negligent? School superintendent? School board members? School principals? Local law enforcement? This case can not be left to local investigation.”

“If Adam and Eve were the first humans, then they were Black.”

“There is a new exhibition on display at the Kennedy Museum. Viewers ‘must complete COVID-19 training prior to attending the exhibition.’ No.”

“Children’s Services Robin Webb lied outright to the Athens Messenger when they inquired as to whom removed the Children’s Services’ Facebook post concerning Jimmy Childs. At first she 'didn’t know,' then called them back minutes later admitting that it was her. Excuse the community for not believing a thing she says if she’s going to lie about something she definitely did not forget. Something is rotten if ACCS didn’t investigate the Bellar accusations. Will they lie again to cover themselves?”

“Athens parents do not want our children attending a school that has any association with Jimmy Childs. Athens school’s superintendent needs to put out a statement that Jimmy will not be employed any longer by them in any capacity.”

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