“To Jacksonville Village Council: What does it mean to be ATV friendly? What types of recreational vehicles does this include? How is it being regulated? Do you have a noise ordinance in place for Jacksonville?”

“Since God is Nye, and Distant and in all creation, we, impermanent and eternal, cultivate what we really believe, want to do, and do it well. The Quakers believe we don’t have to have words for our comprehension and conviction.”

“If the guidelines for the reopening of OU include any online course work in place of in person course work as implied in the Athens News last week students are better off finding more affordable options. OU does not compete well in the marketplace for online undergraduate education. High school graduates would be better off attending more affordable accredited online courses. The board needs to acknowledge this and take action by reducing the tuition for online courses.”

“Extortion is theft through the use of coercion to obtain money, property or services from a victim. The coerced needn’t necessarily be the victim. Credit cardholders are coerced into using their cards, even when not needed, or face losing credit lines which may prove useful in the future. In turn, 2-3 percent of the monetary value of those ‘maintenance transactions’ are removed from a third party’s till. Moneyed interests have ‘persuaded’ legislators worldwide to exempt lesser levels of extortion from the definition, making theft by degree legal. How to Erode Civilization 101 – rewrite the narrative.”

“If the IRS lets you deduct donations — something like 50 percent of your adjusted gross income, why aren’t one percenters in Athens showing up to invest in our community? It has become apparent that voting simply reproduces variations on the same overall condition of deprivation for our impoverished children in Athens who desperately need technology. I’m still waiting to see others follow Joe Burrow’s example. If you’re sitting on over a million dollars, why aren’t you helping the children of families who are now worse off through no fault of their own? Where is the love?”

“In reply to the Voice input of 10 June, keep that rubber bullet as I keep a piece of the brick protesters threw in the window of my office as they tried to destroy the bookstore where I, and a lot of other students, worked to afford to attend OU.”

“Okay. We did it your way. Now what? Keep doing it the same way and pretend the results are different?”

“To the two families that helped my teenage son after his bike accident Sat., 6/13, thank you for taking care of him when he couldn’t reach me. This is what I love about our community. Stay kind, everyone, it’s what makes Athens great.”

“Commonality is the parallel track between inalienable rights and truths held self-evident. Exceptionalism and nationalism are the spikes that derail all three.”

“Best Juneteenth wishes to all!”

“I firmly believe that an additional turning lane at tax-payers’ expense should be created on West Union for a certain fast food business, as its drive-thru access is too limited and potentially dangerous.”

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