“Having students return to classrooms will immediately widen the circle of exposures; social distancing is only a recommendation. So far in Athens we have reports of porch parties, groups congregating disregarding social distancing guidelines and not wearing a mask. It’s not just that someone doesn’t graduate in a ceremony or have prom- someone could die. The stakes of doing it wrong = death. How many older educators and vulnerable locals are willing to die for ‘guidelines’ that will be unenforceable by OU? Will K-12 kids get detention after the teacher is put on a ventilator? “

“Death fest coming soon. Thanks OU.”

“And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?’ Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith, November 13,1787.”

“If the Rec Center can’t get enough hand sanitizer for the pool, how are schools going to get enough hand sanitizer? How are families going to get hand sanitizer for each of their children and themselves? One very small bottle is about $3 - it might last 2 or three days due to the frequency of hand sanitation required after touching anything in the classroom. A family of 4, buying 5 little bottles a week would spend over $50 a month for hand sanitizer due to shortages and price increases. Public school will cost another $500+ a year for families.”

“It would be nice if our Mayor had a real press conference. I watched the virtual talk he gave online and it was labeled as a press conference but it there was no opportunity for questions from the press or from community members. Why would you have a “press conference” and include a minor child on camera? You’re the Mayor- have a real press conference or change the name of this event to chatting with my child online from my privileged lifestyle and the weather report.”

“With the ‘reopening’ of things starting about 2-3 weeks ago we should be seeing massive spikes in COVID cases across the USA right about now… hold on let me check the numbers.”

“Are the police authorities around here (university, college, city, county, village, state, etc.) so much better trained than those in Minneapolis? What could the people and governments of Minneapolis, Hennepin County, and the state of Minnesota have done, beforehand, to have prevented the police murder of George Floyd? Have our local forces yet been provided with those preventative steps? If not, will they ever?”

“Forget the lady beetles. Your editorials should be asking ‘Where have all the black men gone?’

Policemen killed them, one by one. When will it ever stop? When will it ever…”

“Some Constitutionalists gladly find the language of our Constitution declares the purpose of government upholds the natural rights of all humankind. There are some souls, pleasant from youth. The last Adam, Jesus, freed us from sin and we become humanitarians.”

“The recent faculty and staff layoffs at OU are deeply troubling. But it should also be pointed out that not all of them were unjustified. A recent Athens News article has a teacher in OU’s Ohio Program of Intensive English (OPIE) complaining about the program’s cuts. This is completely disingenuous. The OPIE program has been laying off in many cases competent teachers for several years, in large part because it is a badly run and taught program that has scared off needed international student. This was a case where cuts were justified.”

“In these days when police across the country are under attack—and often rightfully so, I’m afraid—I’d like to stand up for how the Athens County Sheriff and deputies have been handling the protests in front of the Courthouse. I’ve found them to be helpful, respectful, and in tune with the public’s outrage and despair over the racism we need to end.”

“How many rubber bullets, flash bombs, tear gas and automatic wand pepper sprayers are in inventory in Athens County for use in ‘keeping the peace.’ I have an old rubber bullet from the 70 protest - I saved it. law enforcement fired it at me.”

“The 60s and 70s taught us that governments and police aren’t always right, frequently stray from the truth and can’t implicitly be trusted. Apparently someone bought the syndication rights to the two decades, as we’re experiencing reruns.”

“The problem with so called tidal or sea changes is not necessarily the depth, breadth or scale of any purported change, but the longevity. Regarding social, economic and justice issues, once the tide has come in, the difficult part is keeping it from washing back out.”

“The phrase ‘a need for more dialogue’ is more often than not a stage prop, used to forestall substance or run out the clock.”

“How much of my tax money has gone to buy tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets for use on citizens of Athens? Im calling on Steve Patterson and other elected officials to immediately cease funding these weapons now. Immediately review tactics to deploy these weapons and stop using all arrest tactics that limit oxygen during detainment. Right now, not next week - NOW.”

“Now the current OU Administration is gaining a more complete understanding of ‘deferred maintenance.’”

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