“OU President Nellis: 'Our University leadership team and the Board of Trustees remain committed to making the best ... decisions and investments to position the University for a strong future.' There you go! Shared Governance means 'OU leadership team' and 'Board of Trustees.' No need for pesky OU faculty to be involved. OU Board of Trustees: 'The Ohio University Board of Trustees stand firmly behind President Nellis and his leadership team.' There you go! Shared Governance means 'OU leadership team' and 'Board of Trustees.' No need for pesky OU faculty to be involved. (Boycott the Bobcats.)”

“How many hours did it take the contract tracers to figure out the information - full name, address, cell on each of the names provided by the COVID-19 positive case? How much time until it was narrowed to 3 who were contacted? Test time? What happens when there may be 130+ contacts for more than 10 minutes at 6ish feet away indoors, in a room with no windows over one weeks time? Are there enough contract tracers in Athens to reach those without a cell or landline? How long does that take and what if the contact person says no?”

“I am further saddened that the at-large group of council members support a point of view that community members either have expendable income or our to dumb to opt out of their new mandatory composting program. A program is not optional if you are automatically signed up for a service you do desire. Do I sign up for spam emails I don't think so! I'm glad Athens continues to be ran by capitalists.”

"’Mask wearers, yours is a dying cause,’ he chuckled to himself ironically.”

“The one gesture most Americans would appreciate almost more than anything else this Memorial Day weekend or any other has nothing to do with flags at half-mast, but a president accepting his responsibility to others, fully adopting the practice of and rationales for donning a mask. For a man who’s entire sleigh ride is based upon symbolism, the disconnect is astounding - one which clinicians will reference for decades.”

“The only good thing about anyone taking Trump’s advice is that it may thin that particular portion of the herd. The only bad thing about anyone taking Donald Trump’s advice is that it will also thin out the rest of the herd. COVID-19 is the only thing in the White House over the past three and one-quarter years that is equal opportunity.”

“May 22, 2020: Trump once again weaponized religion on this day, declaring houses of worship as ‘essential’ and ordering them reopened in the middle of a pandemic. The obviously viral result will be a stepped evolution of militant fractions of most faiths seeing themselves as freedom fighters and their fallen (or arrested) as martyrs, or, as Jessica Stern wrote, ‘Terror[ists] in the Name of God.’ Trump follows in the mold of Rome’s most depraved emperors, preying at any cost upon desperation and human frailties for political if not personal gain.”

“All restaurant and service workers should receive paid sick leave -- a minimum of three paid sick days per year. I hope this comes from COVID-19.”

“Attention local businesses: if you want us to continue to support your businesses you must insist all employees and customers wear a mask. No mask, no service. You don’t enforce, we don’t support.”

“When will we be able to admit that our beloved President is a total and utter whack job who is unfit for office?

“The west state park/fields look like they have been abandoned and forgotten by the city. The pool is not going to open this year. We have an embarrassing park’s department. I don’t know if it’s neglect or incompetence.”

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