“I can't believe our intrepid City Council members want to raise city refuse rates another 60 percent. I have been a land-owning resident since 2014, and since then rates have almost doubled. Where is our money going? Right now is not the time to have a mandatory composting price built into our bills, any self-respecting hippy already composts in their yard. Why pay to get it hauled away and then buy it back again after it's finished breaking down. Sounds like capitalism to me, not stewardship on the city’s part. I'm sad they are suppressing this from the news.”

“Two months of free electricity generation per year is the difference between SOPEC and AEP energy costs. That will pay for a lot of groceries.”

“Gov. DeWine can wear a homemade mask all he wants; he’s got the security of enforced social distancing. I don’t have the security of that enforcement as a citizen. I am at risk. The president doesn’t wear a mask at all. He also has enforcement when he needs it. So are we all sheep wearing masks to make our leaders look good? Do you really believe our leaders don’t have a sterile environment and a stack of N95 masks at their disposal? They live, get re-elected by big business, and employees die to fund it all. Where is the protest?”

“People with family on the frontlines of the coronavirus should not be visiting them, keeping it hush, hush, and then coming to work possibly infecting someone.”

“When will Athens close uptown for the Farmers Market. We need a giant open-air market. Our collective health depends on cultivating an atmosphere of a mindful city. We should focus on safety and community. Catering to germ fest and inebriated OU students who disrespect Athens citizens has got to go. Can OU transition to recruiting students with more noble aspirations? Those students are out there; find them. Remove the fest infectors and hazing organizations that OU advertises to. We need fresh air.”

“That OU eliminating hundreds of jobs is simply outrageous and unacceptable. However, pointless (low enrollment) programs like ‘Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies’ are academic cancer (and just plain silly), and deserved to be cut long before the budget and pandemic crises. OU should get rid of NCAA athletics, too. A complex situation.”

“The CDC report that Trump dismisses says that schools need many things to safety reopen that we just don’t have. The ventilation systems are really old and have been broken down for years at the 50-year-old high school building. The A/C and heat break down in all the schools. The hallways aren’t even six feet apart. The main offices have no room for social distancing at all. When will school administrators start wearing masks around other essential employees? It’s not happening now. Our schools are old, small, leaking, overcrowded, unventilated, Petri dishes.”

“Let’s remember during our next election that Rep. Jay Edwards bought nurses at Holzer a lunch for a photo op just days before going back to Columbus to vote in favor of stripping power from Dr. Amy Acton, voting against the best interest of the same nurses he used for publicity. What an embarrassment to southeast Ohio.”

“It’s not surprising the no confidence vote for OU’s president and another top official. Imagine if you will, being a medical student paying $56K a year to OU who’s forced to learn online, and being told the online education and educational experience is of the same value as the standard educational experience, which includes hands-on learning across the State of Ohio. The school keeping the tuition money is undeniable theft. OU leadership should be ashamed of themselves. Ken Johnson and Duane have failed their educational and civil servant obligations. Time for a change. Athens doesn't support the absence of morality.”

“So please explain: with all the layoffs & abolished jobs at OU, why does OU keep the outrageous overly HIGH PAID administration? How & why is it necessary to keep them with enrollment down & less employees to manage?”

“I go to the local stores and I can't believe the percentage of the people not wearing masks. What's the problem? Is the cost of a mask preventing them from buying ammo?”

“Is it really that difficult for Time Warner Cable to provide services across Rt. 33 out to Peach Ridge and beyond? Isn’t this a huge company that can reach out their service beyond the square mile of Athens? It’s time to get with the program – hire people, get the job done. What is the hold up? Frontier is bankrupt and their service stinks. It’s time that Time Warner gets busy powering our economy. We need service, people need jobs, you’ve got a big company. Please? Crappy WIFI is not competitive and I can’t get my homework done or load videos!!”

“Politicians in D.C. are discussing providing financial relief to essential workers and healthcare professionals. Meanwhile, Ohio University is raising tuition to attend Medical School. Why you ask? Clearly because teaching aspiring doctors how to be doctors is best done remotely. These future physicians deserve to receive the education they have paid for, not pay more for YouTube video links which are free to access. Failure of leadership, that is you, Board of Trustees. You ought to be refunding their tuition before med students wise up and file lawsuits. Great PR for the University.”

“Hold up - What is exactly is emergency authorization by the FDA. What is the FDA skipping over - I’d like a chance to know. I’d appreciate a lengthier explanation of the RO of anticipated results. Where exactly is the line, the curve, the RO for granting emergency authorization? This threshold – the tip of the scale showing the dire need to skip guidelines to protect us – must mean it’s worse than we know. What did the FDA skip? If it wasn’t that important then why were the regulations there in the first place. People need medication ASAP every day.”

“OU and its eternal budget crisis. When has it ever not been and when will it ever not be? Now they're laying off 140 UNION employees. I worked there for many years, and they always waged war to eliminate the union. Next it will be faculty. And I have yet to see the number of administrators who will be laid off. Could we maybe lay off the Vice President for Ordering Pizzas (I'm sure they have one, since they have dozens of VPs), who makes $150K a year?!”

"Order in the court and union and terrace and park! The sword is in the stone, and lo Excalibur will live, the lame will be able, the good drop always for better. Institutions, individuals, coyotes, and cats adjust and calendars adjust.”

“100 million Democrats in this country and Joe Biden is the best they could do?”

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