“In response to the person who wrote in regarding the loose cats at Spreading Oaks Village, as a volunteer with the Athens County Humane Society, I would encourage you to contact the ACHS, and provide them with as many details as you can (are the cats wild, friendly, some possibly pets, etc.) and the Humane Society can offer assistance. The best way to eliminate stray populations is to get all of the loose animals spayed or neutered. There is a TNR (trap, neuter and return) process that might be of help. The ACHS has low-cost spay/neuter clinics several times a month, but they are on hold right now due to COVID-19.”

“I request that the parents of minor children in Athens cease from allowing your child to have friends over at your house, or go out to hook up with their other friends. It is not just about the OU students having house parties; it’s about our teenagers who are out and not getting food or going to an essential job. Parents, please actively participate in shutting this behavior down. There is a health order for a good reason. The data shows that this virus is increasingly killing young people, and this younger group had ZERO pre-existing conditions. Educate your kids: stay home!”

“Looking ahead: will OU football players be allowed back into dormitories before other students? If so: rationale?” 

“I know if I am any indication, there are a lot more people who would file for unemployment if they could. I've had three different PIN numbers (just love those things) sent to me in the mail and they all come up incorrect. Then I am directed to call on the phone, which after pressing 1 for this and 5 for that a few times, it says ‘we cannot take your call.’ I get it that the system is overwhelmed; I'm just saying the reported number of claims is way, way off.”

“A number of otherwise glorious spring mornings have been tainted in the Stagecoach Road area on the South Side by the horrible smell of manure spreading. Ah, the fragrance fo spring.”

“Can we please get our priorities straight? The economy will come back. The dead won’t.” 

“So much for ‘Every Learner, Every Day,’ the motto of Athens City School District. It appears the superintendent has fallen prey to the pressure of online mom’s groups and decided to start school Monday, even though roughly 20 percent of students have Internet. Dr. Gibbs has applauded himself for distributing Chrome Books (it was the brave classified staff) but they are useless for those without Internet. The solution? Spend precious gas money that is needed for food to cram your kids in the car and go sit in the school parking lots, in the hot sun, unable to get out.”

“I am so sick and tired of seeing litter along the bike path. The farther north you go, the worse it gets for cups, bottles and ordinary litter. From West State to the end of East State, it is basically Dog S*** Alley. You would think a responsible pet owner would carry it out, but nope. In A-Town, we bag it and then drop it back down on the ground for the Dog S*** Fairy to come along and swoop it up. If nothing else, take Fido over in the weeds.”

“I always suspected that the ‘A fetus is a baby!’ refrain was nothing more than an insincere, cynical, politically convenient catchphrase. Now, we have proof. Not one right-wing pundit, national evangelical leader or red-state politician has strongly advocated for, or even suggested, that an extra $500 of stimulus money go to every pregnant woman in the U.S. What gives?”

“This is probably the last best week for roadside trash pick-up, when all of winter’s build-up can be easily seen and snagged before the grass grows enough that county, state and township crews start to mow and shred it all.”

“So why can’t President Cadet Bonespur and his Mini-Me Mike Pence stand down? They are playing the blame game for their failures. They lie and spread misinformation. They say the states are responsible for responding to the coronavirus, but if that’s the case, why do we have FEMA? It’s called the federal emergency management administration. If they were smart, they would let Gov. Andrew Cuoma lead the charge. He seems to be doing that anyway. He’s come up with the logistical plan and has been coordinating with other states, etc. Anyone who thinks Cadet Bonespur is doing a good job is (this part of voice mail is unintelligible but you get the drift).”

 “Everyone who is trying to blame the president for the virus problems should remember that he was calling for a ban on travel from China and was called a racist for it by Pelosi and her minions! Let's make sure that the blame goes where it is deserved.”

“Hey, Mr. OU President, those year-three med-students who will be involved in the newly minted COVID-19 rotation should have their tuition waived for the duration of that rotation. As a matter of fact, they should be paid. Increasing the health-care work force, under the guise of education, while charging the students is immoral. OU needs to recognize these bold students for their contribution to society. Talk to the state if you have to; simply do the right thing.”

“I've been thinking about why university faculties are populated mostly by Democrats, and the legislative bodes are populated mostly by Republicans. You can't lie and cheat your way onto the faculty of a university.”

“In these trying times, with food insecurity a growing concern, I call on the mayor and City Council to end the ban on chicken raising in Athens city limits.”

“Apparently in the ‘Bobcat Spirit,’ I just got an email from OU’s Executive Director of Gift Planning (give$2ohio.edu) encouraging me to watch a video of OU’s Marching 110 virtually performing (sic) ‘Stand up and Cheer!’ Apparently, ‘it’s hard not to smile when you see these students enthusiastically rocking their Bobcat Spirit.’ But wait, I thought OU just found the Marching 110 guilty of hazing? Which is it? It’s appalling that OU would think that we (apparently flagged potential donors) are this credulous. OU should be focusing on academics anyway.”

Editor’s note: The university’s investigation did NOT find evidence of hazing, but rather problematic “cultural issues” within the Marching 110. Nonetheless, that finding prompted heavy pushback from many band members and supporters. TS

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