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“Prof. Dr. Victor Davis Hanson (distinguished fellow of the Center for American Greatness) recently wrote an article: ‘The 10 new rules that are changing America. Rule #9 (‘Ignorance is preferable to knowledge’) reads, in part, ‘The brand, not what created it, is all that matters.’ Apparently, Dr. Hanson has been studying the strategy of Ohio University’s President Nellis.”

“On April 7, WOUB reported: ‘Ohio University Enrollment On Path To Continue Slide As Peers Project Gains.’ ‘Enrollment at Ohio University has been declining for years and is expected to continue dropping.’ ‘Ohio State University, University of Cincinnati and Miami University [are seeing] significant increases in applications for the coming year.’ OSU, Cincinnati, and Miami draw from the same pool of Ohio high school students — which means that students are intentionally choosing other Ohio universities and are mindfully not choosing OU. The word is out about OU among Ohio high school (and international) students, and the word isn’t good.”

“OU and due process. Oil and water. OU Trustees request a report from the Faculty Senate concerning the tenure of Prof. Yusuf Kalyango. Faculty Senate produces two reports with a conclusion the Trustees don’t want. Trustees ignore Faculty Senate reports as the Trustees had decided ‘guilty’ long ago. ‘Shared Governance’ at OU is again revealed to be a sham.”

“Almost nothing that Biden does will work, because socialism at home and appeasement abroad have never worked. Those things that work under Biden will be the things that were already working, thanks to President Donald Trump.”

“On March 27, the ‘OU Chinese Learners Association’ led a demonstration against ‘violence against Asians.’ According to a current OU Chinese graduate student, the ‘Chinese Learners Association helps OU to persevere and continue building an ever-more inclusive community. Our goal is also to bring solidarity together … within the Chinese/Chinese-American community.’ Quick history lesson: For years, OU promoted two Chinese New Year’s celebrations because of the conflict between mainland China and Taiwan. Does this practice continue?”

“Apparently, OU professors whose contracts have not been renewed feel ‘unsupported by the university.’ I urge these faculty members to not give up hope. When it really matters, OU will be there for you! More importantly, OU is both proud of and humbled by your service. Reminder, you are forever Bobcats! (10 percent discount on select merchandise!) OU wishes you the best of luck! Stay in touch. OU would love to hear from you.) (Please remember to turn in your keys on the last day of class. Replacement costs will be deducted from your final pay.) Green and white forever!”

“I do not support the ‘defund the police’ movement. On the other hand, when I see six blinking police cruisers stationed around just one car that has been pulled over (with numerous police just milling around), it makes me wonder. Also, the recent incident in Canada where the police attempted to shut down an Easter Church service (and a Polish pastor righteously shut them down!) has really caused me to wonder if we do have too many police — or if their priorities are misguided. Either way, no one believes ‘peace’ officers ‘protect and serve.’ Police are a necessary evil.”

“I’ve got a suggestion for bicyclists on the bike path, especially the spandex road warriors going 30 miles per hour: instead of yelling ‘on your left!’ from 10 feet away, get a bell or small horn and give them a warning.”

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