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“The recent bullying of the A-NEWS by OU’s President Nellis reveals a lot about the sad state of OU. In the last few years OU VIPs have become high-handed, arrogant, condescending and authoritarian with students, faculty members, and the public. The culture of an organization is greatly influenced by senior management. Nellis’ petulance also says a lot about the decline of the School of Journalism over the past decade. What message is Nellis sending to journalism students? OU’s administrative ‘Do as we demand!’ attitude is palpable. Let’s watch enrollment numbers Fall Semester.”

“The last few weeks I’ve noticed the difference in big town news versus the petty small town news of Athens. Who cares about Deb Shaffer! I certainly don’t care if she owns a house near Athens, and frankly, it’s none of my business. All the extra editorially notes make it clear A-News is trying to cover their behinds. Find something else to rip apart. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person that is tired of reading about the ‘Where’s Waldo?’ version of finding Deb Shaffer.”

“Reminding Athens taxpayers why we voted to construct $80,000,000 in new school buildings (not that ‘students using school buildings’ matters much anymore), the Superintendent recently sent out an email explaining that these new buildings will ‘provide socio-economic equity. This effort is based upon the research that demonstrates that a more socio-economically diverse student body results in better outcomes for all students.’ This, of course, is ludicrous. The Athens school system is currently ranked about #300 out of about 600 Ohio school systems. This $80,000,000 ‘strategy’ is going to tank academic quality ‘for all students.’ Thanks, taxpayers!”

“I’m not a paid consultant, but I can tell you everybody that goes to ANY college remembers the experience ‘‘forever.’’”

“The issue of the abundance of vehicles with unnecessarily loud mufflers was brought up at the March 1 City Council meeting. I have witnessed these obnoxiously loud vehicles speed down East State street at all hours of the day/night. The noise they create disrupts my household. I have also seen them PASS other cars on E. State near Avalanche. Where are the police? I support the need for a noise ordinance to address the allowable decibel level for vehicles within city limits.”

“We have tons of potholes and they are deep! When I reported it to the engineers office, I was told that we are not a priority road. I have also been told no one works that lives on my road. Swett Hollow Road is just as important as any other road. Ours needs fixed just like everyone else.”

“Proof that the election was not stolen # 23: Isn’t it obvious that if anyone had the ability to sway the election they would have gotten rid of Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham while they were at it.”

“On March 1, ‘Ohio University’s Board of Trustees determined that OU Faculty Senate’s special committee must reconsider its report on journalism professor Yusuf Kalyango.’ In other words, that committee needs to begin with the conclusion the Board wants, then work backwards — filling in justifications to support the pre-determined outcome. This ‘process’ is so transparently biased. To Mark Franz: Better get your committee in line. Or else.”

“‘Ten rockets have hit a base hosting US-led coalition forces in western Iraq.’ (BBC, March 3) Here we go — and after 4 years of no new wars and bringing troops home.”

“OU’s Women’s Studies and Sociology/Anthropology (somehow) got Hillary Clinton to ‘promote her new book.’ I thought Capitalism was bad?”

“In response to last week’s nearly incomprehensible letter (Geneva Murray) — concerning ‘how women in leadership are represented’ — they mentioned: systems of oppression, racism, homophobia and classism. This is unacceptable!"

“From the creators of ‘The Office’ comes ‘The Joe Biden Show’! Watch Uncle Joe hilariously bumble through the simplest of daily tasks. See Carmela, with her trademark cackle, hysterically (deadpan to the camera) attempt to displace the ever-unaware Uncle Joe in every episode. Critics agree, ‘The Joe Biden Show’ is the funniest TV in decades. A special extended episode — tentatively titled ‘State of the Union’ — has apparently run into production issues but promises to rival Monty Python’s ‘The Meaning of Life’. Get out your Silly Walk shoes! Comedy is back! Thank Godot.”

“If you are outraged with OU, Nellis, Shaffer and the ‘Trustees’ send a message to

“The A-NEWS has improved dramatically since the new editor took over. Perhaps OU should try the same with the absentee CFO. #IfgraduationisinpersonsoistheCFOjob!”

“The fact is that I don’t always agree with the A-NEWS politically. But in the case of Deb Shaffer, I totally support the 1st Amendment, and the A-NEWS has the right to investigate a report on her. This is a fundamental right. The media is the fourth wall set up to report and prevent governmental tyranny.”

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