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“In other non-OU griping news I saw a bald eagle in Athens today (Saturday)! Near the intersection of 13 and 33.”

“Ohio University’s Kennedy Lecture Series presents an Evening with Al Roker.’ According to the Celebrity Speakers Bureau, Roker’s speaking fee is $50,000 — $100,000. Per”

“‘As part of its celebration of Women’s History Month, Ohio University will virtually welcome Secretary Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton for a fireside chat.’ How much will this event cost OU? My unreliable research suggests that the younger Clinton makes up to $65,000 per speaking event. The elder Clinton commands $250,000 on good days. Certainly OU is not paying such fees, but the Clintons don’t volunteer their time either. $100,000 for the pair? $50,000? (Other than being the privileged daughter of Bill and Hillary, why are we interested in what Chelsea has to say?)”

Editor’s note: We reached out to OU about the cost and wrote a story about the event: the event is coming at not cost to the university or to attendees.

“If it looks like a converter, it smells like a converter, and I sell you 369 of these; what do you think? Are you not guilty also? Or, wait a minute, maybe I sold them to 369 separate people who had no idea? I never was good with numbers, but does every vehicle have like fifty of them. Right?”

“Athens needs a Sheetz and a Dunkin Donuts.”

“If you missed The Athens Messenger, Sat Feb. 13, 2021 page 7, For the record: 8:25 PM., The Plains — Deputies responded to Roy Ave. for a dispute. The caller stated that the verbal argument was over the spelling of SpongeBob. Both parties were separated prior to deputies arrival. No further action was taken. I hope the SpongeBob spellers never have offspring!”

“People; If you only knew how many of my ‘Voice’ posts have been censored. Of course, only the censors and I know what they were, but I have printed copies of each if anyone doubts me. We need a return to what the A-NEWS was. Instead of right-wing-corporate-controlled-media, we need a free press. Bet you won’t publish this one either.”

“I watched President Biden’s Town Hall meeting on CNN on Feb. 16. Apparently one reason that Black communities are lagging behind in getting COVID vaccinations is because ‘they don’t know how to use the Internet.’ I had no idea. Also, he doesn’t care if they are ‘conservators’ (sic) or liberals.”

“So, we found out how useless impeachment is. Inciting a mob to overturn a fair election, as Trump did directly after months of setting it up, is a ‘high crime’ and he should have been convicted. Now we have to contend with 70 million incentivized Trumpican cultists who have guns, flag poles, baseball bats, bombs, etc. And Republican leaders who bow to the demi-god and lie, cheat, gerrymander, repress, intimidate, incite, ignore the majority of U.S. citizens, all in order to have jobs. Pathetic.’”

Editor's note: A version of this Voice section incorrectly stated the cost of the virtual fireside chat. No cost is associated with the event.

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