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“Is there any relationship between Athens City Schools being closed on Friday, Feb. 12 (no reason given) and also being closed on Monday, Feb. 15 for ‘Teacher Inservice Day 2/15/21’ (President’s Day)? A cynical person might conclude that Athens ‘educators’ just wanted another nice long weekend. (Oh and schools were closed on Thursday, Feb. 11 for ‘weather.’)”

“On Friday, OU President Nellis sent out his monthly ‘First Friday’ email. To no one’s surprise, there was no mention of education or academic quality. If the Board of Trustees (Scholl, et. al) are OK with this: so be it. The Trustees can allow Nellis to drift around this way and that — and potential students can accordingly keep choosing other universities. When enrollment decreases again fall semester, the reasons will be obvious. This is all plain as day. Low academic quality = decreasing enrollment. Simple.”

“According to a journalist from OU’s student newspaper The Post: ‘Valentine’s Day is an exciting way to reaffirm and display one’s love for their partner — a very laudable expression. The Day of Love, however, also implies more stressful sentiments: climate change. Most traditional Valentines Day gifts come with a significant carbon footprint. Consider the path of a stuffed teddy bear...’”

“A special congratulations to Scripps professor Mary Rogus. By resigning from the scholarship committee, you have not only freed up a significant amount of your time, but you also made people believe you were sacrificing something. Well played. I pity the committee that has to fill the void.”

“The problem with woke tribalism is that — in woke culture — tribes inevitably devolve into individuals fighting each other. Look at OU: Tribe #1 is organized around sexual harassment. Tribe #2 is organized around race. Tribe #3 is the Board of Trustees. Tribe #4 is the President and his ‘leadership team.’ Faculty tribes are engaged in mutual self destruction. In the College of Communications, individuals (formerly tribal creatures) are at war with one another. In theory, reason and facts should dictate procedures. But OU is about as woke as woke can get: dogmatic, hysterical, myopic, warring tribes. Taxpayer funded!”

“OU Faculty Senate (Dr. Robin Muhammad, et. al.) has voted to withdraw a Faculty Committee report (Dr. Mark Franz, et. al.) recommending that an OU professor keep his tenure. Undergirding this fratricidal cannibalism are the slimy machinations of CoC Dean Scott Titsworth and ‘retired’ (fired?) Dr. Bob Stewart. (Some years ago, co-conspirators Titsworth and Stewart attempted an internal coup of an OU program; this attempt backfired and ended up costing the university millions and millions of dollars in alumni donations. Titsworth should be removed from his position as Dean. Stewart should, minimally, be stripped of his “Emeritus” title.)”

“OU is giving students ‘prizes’ for getting ‘OU mandatory’ tests for COVID. Just call it what it is, a bribe. Just say: ‘We are bribing adults to get tested for COVID because we can not enforce the absurd rules we made up over a glass of wine one night while watching reruns of ‘The Office’. We have demonstrated no hubris or foolishness at this time nor will we demonstrate hubris or foolishness in the future.’”

“Ohio is now apparently on TikTok. OU’s stated purpose for being on TikTok ‘is to make the college experience easier.’”

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