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“So, now it comes to light that our far-Right Rep. from Nelsonville wanted badly to overturn Gov. DeWine’s veto of a bill that would limit his power to issue executive orders to protect Ohioans from the COVID-19 pandemic. I thought Edwards was supposed to be ‘pro-life?’ Gov. DeWine’s initial measures were indeed remarkable for a Republican governor at the time. Then, he got Trumped into opening the state too soon. I just saw a graph that tracked deaths in Ohio and Michigan. Michigan implemented some stricter measures in mid-October, Ohio did not. Now, Ohio’s rate is going up and up while Michigan is static. Not at a good level, still, but not as bad. How many more Ohioans do you wish to die, Mr. Edwards, to satisfy your political ideology?”

“Jay Edwards must not have gone further than Nelsonville when listening to his constituents. Guaranteed that there are many of us who are perfectly happy with Governor DeWine’s performance and the mandated closures. We are in the middle of a pandemic and Edwards wants to play politics. It’s all about the almighty dollar with these Republicans.”

“I wonder if the owners of the Listerine Company would donate Donald J. Trump a lifetime supply because he’ll never be able to get the taste of Pelosi and Schitt out of his mouth.”

“More than 1 in 4 Americans are not Christian. And there are numerous other holidays besides Christmas celebrated this time of year. So I say Merry Christmas to those I know celebrate the holiday. Saying ‘Happy Holidays’ is both respectful and inclusive to those who may not.”

“Athens City Council just passed ordinances again increasing the sewer rate and stormwater service charges. 2021. 2020. 2019. 2018. Mayor Steve Patterson said the city considered all other avenues before raising fees for citizens... All? Is the issue really sewer and wastewater? The increase isn’t about the ever-increasing recycling and composting costs?”

“Dr. Deborah Birx, coordinator of the White House virus response, warned Americans not to travel for Thanksgiving and not to mingle. Birx travelled and mingled. OU warned (and threatened) students not to travel and not to mingle. OU mounts a football team which travelled and mingled... and became COVID-19 infected. I see a pattern. But, I can’t decide if they have insider information suggesting the virus isn’t really that bad or if they are just self-important hypocrites. It could be both, I suppose. Birx is retiring. OU will continue to run basketball programs. One is doing the right thing.”

“Ohio University Enrollment Fall 2020: According to the Ohio Department of Higher Education website (Data & Reports & Enrollment), compared to Fall Semester 2019 Ohio University lost more students Fall Semester 2020 than did any other public university in Ohio. OU lost a whopping 195 percent more students than did OSU. Go to — then scroll to Data & Reports. Then scroll to Preliminary Headcount, Fall 2020.”

“About the church bells ringing from last week’s Athens NEWS: the courthouse now has a bell that rings at nighttime on the hour, and sometimes on the half hour. So that’s where the ringing of the bells is coming in at.”

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