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“The CDC is promising ‘fair and equitable’ distribution of the COVID vaccine. Assuming that the CDC’s goal is to wipe out the virus as soon and as thoroughly as possible, is this distribution plan the most effective? The CDC isn’t playing politics — right?”

“Just got another email from the Athens School District. Wow! They just can not wait to go back to online-only education in January! If they are lucky, maybe they will get 1-2 snow days this week! Woohoo! Too bad about the students, but — hey — what are you gonna do?”

“Does anyone else find it strange that Trump is complaining about losing a rigged election after he was impeached for trying to rig an election?”

“Humpty Trumpty had a great fall and all his lies and sycophant Flublicans can’t put him back together again. Done deal. Rejoice.”

“I have tried to. call the local health department. Someone with a British accent tells me to select zero. Then, I am told: ‘The person at this extension is not available. Leave a message. The next and final message is: ‘That mailbox is full.’ If you call the Vinton County Health Dept., they answer the phone. What a shame.”

“There are church bells ringing in the middle of night from somewhere near uptown Athens. Not the worst way to wake up, but I’d rather not wake up at 3 in the morning. Would someone please disconnect them or fix the timer?”

“Dr. Deborah Birx, the Coordinator of the White House coronavirus response team, urged Americans to limit Thanksgiving gatherings to their ‘immediate households.’ The day after Thanksgiving, Birx traveled some distance to be with three generations (two households) from her family. She — and others who are ‘in the know’ — don’t heed their own warnings. This makes me wonder if their advice is sound. If this informed Medical Doctor (unlike OU’s anthropologist coronavirus response leader) is willing to travel and interact with extended family members, why shouldn’t I travel and interact with extended family? There is more here than ‘hypocrisy.’”

“Sorry, OSU fans, but OSU does not belong in the CFP. If you don’t play the same number of games, then you don’t have as many chances to lose and going undefeated is much easier. You potentially don’t have as many injuries to play through. OSU did not (and usually does not) play a tough schedule which has always been the complaint about OSU. There are other deserving teams, even if they have lost one game — that have played a full slate and have played stronger teams and won. OSU whines. Time to be quiet and go earn your spot next year rather than feel you deserve to be crowned.”

“The 2020 OU football season was a total, and insanely expensive, debacle. Six games were scheduled. To no one’s surprise, three games were cancelled due to COVID-19. An OU anthropology professor (posing as a COVID expert) screeched endlessly about mask-wearing and social-distancing, but was mum concerning contact sports. The OU Administration and Board of Trustees allowed — even promoted — football. OU explained that the football team was taking ‘special precautions.’ (Non-athlete students were not allowed to plead ‘special precautions’ and were threatened with criminal charges.) OU doesn’t have a budget crisis; OU has a priority crisis.”

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