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“Please just consider saying Merry Christmas to those you know celebrate the holiday. Saying Happy Holidays is both inclusive and respectful to others who may not.”

“Four (4) of the past six (6) of OU’s football games have been COVID-cancelled. Who didn’t see this coming? OU has blatantly and irresponsibly ignored all advice from the CDC. OU has hypocritically not even followed the mandates it hands out to non-athlete students. Is OU allowing/promoting basketball (even more up-close-and-personal) to continue? Let’s pretend there is no immoral malfeasance here: How much will OU 2020 football (not counting the coach’s $600,000 salary) cost? How much, in fees, are OU students being charged for this preventable debacle? Criminal behavior.”

“Road around Clippinger is open! New building looks great! Just as impressive is the great job the workers did cleaning up the job site. Remarkable!”

“I’m happy to see that Jay Edwards has finally revealed his true stripes to everyone, by supporting the egregious and fool-hearted attempt by Trump and his Texas Attorney General lackey to overturn the results of the Presidential election. The actions are undemocratic, seditious, and outright treasonous to the Constitution. It’s time to recall these traitors to America, and that includes Jay Edwards.”

“Ohio University’s Honors Tutorial College (founded in 1972) is based on the centuries-old models of Oxford and Cambridge. Gifted students, talented professors, highest academic standards. Then the least ‘Bobcat’ president in living memory (Nellis) comes along and creates an ‘experience-based’ Honors Program that ‘integrates curricular and co-curricular opportunities’ for students. Nellis’ Honors Program completely downgrades (and waters down) the reputation of the once-envied Honors Tutorial College and sends confusing messages to high school students considering applying to OU.”

“I walk a lot in Athens, and I’ve noticed many times that people put their recycling items in a plastic bag before putting it in their recycling can. I read in The Post recently the following which is a quote from the recycling center: ‘Any recycling that comes to us in (plastic) bags gets thrown away. It doesn’t even get opened; it gets thrown in the trash. (People) need to make sure recycling is loose in the bin.’ PLEASE dump your recycling into the bin, and DO NOT put the plastic bag in. Otherwise, you aren’t doing any good.”

“You know, this whole theme of ‘make Libs cry’ is problematic. It worries me that some people might enjoy hurting others. Worse, they are hurting the ones who are helping the poor and downtrodden. So, if you enjoy hurting the people who are helping others, it seems to me that you’re at least sick, possibly evil.”

“It’s interesting how words change their meaning over time. For example, in 2020 the word ‘virtual’ has come to mean: of lesser or no value, boring, lacking quality, inferior, useless, a false substitution, misleading, pointless, uncreative, mind-numbing, time-filling, unmeasurable, fraudulent.”

“For those few of you who still oppose mask mandates, what do you do about previous government health and safety requirements? Do you cut the seat belts and air bags out of your car? They wouldn’t be there without the government mandate, and they made your vehicle more costly, which is kind of a tax, right? Think about this, then please do the right thing. We’ve lost way too many Americans already.”

“So the O’Blenness ICU ward reached capacity but the county didn’t go purple, following the state guidelines. How convenient.”

“OU’s response to the student body’s total lack of care and judgement is deplorable. I teach adjunct and I asked my students why they act this way. They replied that everyone is trying to get it. They made no excuses and said point blank that you’re not cool unless you’ve tested positive. The students are not ‘mostly gone’ as this paper alleges. If they live off campus, they are here. Check University Estates any night of the week, huge parties. SantaFest last weekend was a maskless nightmare. They need to be sent home. This is a public emergency. Sickening.”

“The masks seem to be working. Only six COVID-related deaths in the county reported for all of 2020. The masks are working… thank goodness!”

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