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“Athens business owners spend their whole lives building a reputation, then their kids take over with no work ethic or morals and just get to live off their parents success.”

“‘Ohio University to offer free online mental health service to students.’ That’s option No. 1. Or (option No. 2), OU can stop haranguing, hectoring, confusing and bullying students — thus decreasing the need for free online mental health services. (Free? Students aren’t paying for these services via some oblique, sneaky fees?)”

“So the Athens County Board of Elections investigated itself, it appears. Four of the five signs came down at 9 a.m. but the fifth not until 2 p.m. when a voter complained? Weren’t all the booths checked earlier? And leftover signage for Cory Booker and Scott Robe? This same BoE was overruled by state Supreme Court 6-1 regarding O’Neill’s candidacy at the beginning of this botched election. The outcome is not the point — a legal election is. I no longer have confidence in my Board of Elections…”

“I worried a little about Dem voters being nasty after Biden’s win. I thought, we shouldn’t be cruel. But then I remembered new reports of Obama being hung or burned in effigy, and the “F*** your feelings” sticker I saw on a truck at Kroger last week that was basically giving everyone who saw it the bird, figuratively speaking. Why should I be nice to people who are actively hostile? Yeah, I know, not ALL Trumpers are like that, but how can I tell which are which? Is there really any difference?”

“‘Ohio University proudly presents a Global Entrepreneurship Week’ focusing on money-grubbing, illness- and death-exploiting ‘career opportunities’ that COVID-19 is presenting. ‘Green’ is appropriately one of OU’s true colors. How else is it going to get money for $100,000 bonuses? Disgusting. (Note: How much does this event cost OU to present? Shouldn’t OU be focusing on conserving or, better, raising funds useful to student academics?).”

“Athens ‘COVID-19 City Utility Assistance Emergency Relief’ grant program is a farce. Tuppence, me Lord? Tuppence, me Lady?”

“Last week, one writer pointed out some questionable, off-message programming from OU’s Center for International Studies. Five or so years ago, OU’s Global Leadership Center (GLC) was a research partner for Harvard University’s Pluralism Project, was recognized by the United Nations for innovative excellence in online international education (Africa), hosted celebrated professors (many of them Fulbright Scholars) from Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Mexico, Vietnam etc. The GLC was also the Center for International Studies No. 1 fundraising unit (counting alumni, Silicon Valley tech giants, and Ohio billionaires among donors) — all while placing primary focus on student learning. Who’s piloting the ship?”

“Ohio University sent this threatening email to OU students: ‘We would like to remind you that you need to be tested for COVID-19 before you return home for the holidays.’ Or what? Says who? On what legal authority? For what purpose? My message to OU students: If OU doesn’t want you to return spring semester — don’t. Pick a better university. OU only has this ‘authority’ over you if willfully submit. OU wants your money; make them earn it. Or walk.”

“How much money (OU budget) has been completely wasted on OU football this year? How much money (student fees) has each OU student been forced to cough up to enable this pointless (COVID spreading) endeavor?”

“OU President Nellis states: ‘As an investor in Stirling Ultracold, we are proud that this company’s innovation will contribute to mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic.’ Well, congrats to Stirling! But, what positive effect does this have on the academic, educational mission of OU? How do students benefit? Does this guy (or any senior administrator or the ‘Trustees’) ever think about academics and education? Yes, there is COVID-19 — but does this take up 100 percent of the time of all administrators at OU? (Warning, this is a trick question.) OU is directionless. Pathetic. Unacceptable.”

“Athens area voters need to lean on Republicans in Congress to force Trump to accept the fact that he lost the election and move on. Get on the phone to Stivers, Portman, and Johnson and make clear to them that Trump needs to vacate the oval office and get out of Biden’s way. Make these bozos do their job, even though they don’t want to.”

“OU states that students in residences halls that are classified as Level 4 will be required to quarantine for up to 14 days. Thus quarantined, students are basically not allowed to leave their residence hall rooms. Visitors are not allowed in Level 4 residence halls. Students will not be permitted to visit one another’s rooms. Does the University realize such policies and restrictions are soul-crushing for human beings? What percent of students who have ‘tested positive’ are actually getting sick? The cure cannot be worse than the disease itself. Let’s take this hysteria down a notch or two.”

“The timeframe for a COVID positive case to be listed on the school dashboard is 5-7 days. Contact tracing is lagging so far behind that it is ineffective in containing the spread. The health department is extremely behind with making calls to schools and notifying teachers. Test results are taking way too long for the amount of spread. Schools are congregate space so why can’t we get more help with contact tracing? Only 2 in the 0-19 age group reported yesterday. There were that many in my space last week. I’ve heard nothing from anyone. Get a strike team please.”

“Donald Trump’s presidency, despite its few marginal successes, has been an international embarrassment. Hopefully, when historians look back upon this era, Trump will be seen, for the sake of this country’s standing in the annals of time, as a reactionary aberration, and his supporters, mostly, as gullible dupes.”

“Ohio University has enough money to ‘invest in’ the for-profit corporation Stirling Ultracold. Yet, it has to fire 400+ employees (with more layoffs on the way) for lack of funds? (It’s true: no fired OU employee got a $100,000 bonus, so OU is conserving funds in this way.)”

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