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“OU students living on campus will be required to take COVID-19 tests weekly once spring semester begins in January. Will students have to pay for these tests?”

“In September, Athens Mayor Steve Patterson announced a ‘COVID-19 City Utility Assistance Emergency Relief grant program which can grant up to $1,000 to households in need of relief in regard to completing city utility bills: water, trash and recycling bills are included in this.’ Ha ha ha! It’s a joke. All I got was shuffled from one office to another. No assistance. I am not working because of COVID-19 and have unpaid utility bills. Just more self-promotion from Patterson and City Council. If you haven’t applied, don’t try, you will just get the runaround. You’ll still have your unpaid utility bills.”

“Ohio University brags that it is ‘tied for 176th place’ as one of America’s ‘Best Value Colleges’ ( While a dubious distinction, certainly much better than being #177. But wait! Another survey ranks OU as America’s #722 ‘Best Value College’ ( You say tomato, I say squashed tomato.”

“Ohio University and the City of Athens have proved they are more powerful than OU students. Congratulations.”

“It’s so embarrassing that a majority of Ohio voters endorsed the most corrupt and immoral person to ever hold the office of President of the United States. For decades, this state’s unconstitutionally underfunded school system has been providing future voters with an ‘education’ insufficient for citizens of a democratic republic. When important public policy issues are presented to Ohio’s electorate (public school graduates), it should come as no surprise that one gets the answer one has paid for.”

“The Obama administration was the worst since the Carter administration. The Trump administration was marred by a deadly plague, the Russian investigation and the Mueller report. Let’s see now how bad the Biden administration will be. I know I’ll be watching it closely.”

“Ohio University’s Center for International Studies (CIS) announces a ‘Black Lives Matter’ initiative. Politics aside, this is another example of how unfocused OU is. This is just International Studies ‘doing something’ (and pretty uncreative at that). Then again, when is the last time anyone heard the OU President mention academics? Maybe Electrical Engineering can host a Zoom conference on Henry VIII? Maybe OU’s Special Assistant on COVID-19 can host a Zoom pumpkin carving event? Anyway, what actual, meaningful, tangible, quantifiable accomplishments can the Center for International Studies cite even pre-COVID-19?”

“When are the big chain stores like Kroger, Lowe’s and Walmart going to start enforcing the face mask mandates that have been put in place by state and local governments to protect the public and slow the spread of the Coronavirus? Some people may not like these requirements — but the rules are for everybody and compliance isn’t optional. I’ve repeatedly seen people in Kroger, Lowe’s and Walmart without masks or with masks draped around their chin. The rules must be enforced. The next time you see someone flaunting the face-mask requirements in a store — I urge you to (i) go to the customer service desk, (ii) ask to speak to a manager, and (iii) insist that the face mask rules be enforced.”; @sydneydawes_95

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