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“Ohio University: You are in a buyer’s market.”

“‘At this point it’s no longer fair to exclusively place blame [for COVID-19] on our student population,’ according to the Athens City-County Health Department. Dang. Now Ohio University and the City of Athens can’t keep ganging-up together against the economic lifeblood of Athens. Also, it’s more efficient to have a predetermined, easy-target enemy. Now what?”

“According to OU’s President, ‘All students living on campus will be tested for COVID-19 weekly. Students living off campus will also be required to test bi-weekly.’ Will students have to pay for these tests? Will there be a new, additional COVID-19 fee? If so, how much?”

“OU states that for spring semester, ‘For most undergraduate students, courses will continue as a mixture of in-person and online, and many students will still have a majority of their courses online.’ This is vaguely worded. So most students will live in the dorms (or in Athens) and take online classes? And what’s up with quarantining all students? Is this healthy — students being garrisoned in densely populated dorms during flu season? The Devil is in the details.”

“OU President Nellis: ‘We have the opportunity to celebrate a great accomplishment — the completion of the Richland Avenue Pedestrian Passageway.’ Does this guy ever think about academics and education?”

“To understand how totally irresponsible and unbelievably arrogant Ohio University has been in dealing with quarantined students (and the chaotic quarantine ‘process’), read the brutal article ‘Boyd Hall residents face confusion, frustration while in quarantine dorms’ in OU’s online student newspaper The Post. Most frightening is the appalling communication between OU and the Athens City-County Health Department.”

“A quarantined OU student was quoted in The Post as saying that Ohio University is ‘more worried about regulating things than actually making sure that students are in a good environment and actually safe and protected.’ The student is partially correct. OU is certainly sadistic with power. But, OU’s VIP and Trustees are also concerned with passing around $100,000 bonuses. OU also likes paying its $150,000 COVID ‘expert’ to suggest ‘Pumpkin Carving Contests.’”

“Without better, without worse, but with good, if we have problems, it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with us. We aren’t without better, not without worse, and we are good and we have problems. We’ve a whole caring community.”

“Thank you Janalee Stock for your article “’Blue’ neighbors should not be feared,” in the Oct. 7 Athens NEWS. In this time when there are so many toxic and counterproductive comments being made, it was a pleasant change to see your article promoting peace, love and respect.”

“For the past two months, there have been two dangerous metal plates accompanied by orange cones located at the intersection of North Shafer Street and West State Street, making it a rather dangerous intersection for automobiles to travel through. Local residents are being asked by our city leaders to approve of a continuing .10 percent income tax for the next 10 years to maintain our existing roads, but it’s clear that the city government has not been upholding their end of the bargain. I don’t mind paying taxes for services but the road situation in our community has been poorly managed.”

“How is it that everyone in this town is so woke and intelligent? Man/womansplaining is ubiquitous and part of most every encounter and conversation. It’s intolerable.”

“Tulsi 2024!”

“Ohio University’s spring semester will begin Jan. 19 ‘to allow additional time for students to move in and quarantine once they arrive to town.’ Quarantine? What?”

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