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“Ohio University illegally permitted students to leave quarantine halls. OU’s reply: ‘We initially believed XYZ. The Health Department gave us unclear information.’ Yes, in all cases, never ever take responsibility. ‘It’s the Health Department — not us!’ And then OU has the audacity to threaten criminal charges at students who ‘violated’ rules that OU got wrong? OU Administration is so self-righteous, so self-important. OU says: ‘We understand that public health rules for quarantine and isolation can be hard to follow.’ That’s the truth. OU students: find a better school.”

“Academics and Ohio University. Oil and water.”

“Apparently, ‘OU embraces automation as part of digital transformation initiative.’ Translation: ‘You are fired. We have a machine that can now do your job.’”

“The message to conservative Republicans is that you do not have to give up your years of party dedication to vote Trump out. WE all know that Trump does not represent your values. Please listen to the group called the LINCOLN PROJECT. Go online and read what your own party leaders say about Trump and why they are trying to get Republicans to vote for Biden. They are not suggesting they are now Democrats. They are saying that for this election we all must remove the greatest threat to our democracy. Go to”

“COVID-19 has become a religious issue: shaming, judging the sick to be morally culpable, shunning. Remember when AIDS patients were treated this way?”

“We made a mistake four years ago. As a result, we have become more divided than ever. The challenges we face are huge and we need leadership that can focus on making things better rather than making himself richer. Let’s move on from this disastrous time of conflict and unnecessary death. Let’s help this nation reach for its promise, with liberty and justice for ALL.”

“I normally vote in-person religiously every year. This year, I requested an absentee ballot, and as of Oct. 24, I still have not received in the mail my absentee ballot from the Athens County Board of Elections.”

“Walking into the new Athens Menards store this past Saturday evening, I was happy to see store employees deny entry to two young men who refused to wear face coverings when entering the store. This was the first time I’ve seen a business actively bar people from entering without face coverings. I happily gave a thumbs up to the Menards employees as I strode past those irate, glaring, maskless wimps, lacking the courage of their convictions to defy the rules of a privately held business that is open to the public.”

“Ohio University is loathsome.”

“Higher education used to be viewed as a stable industry, honorable work, and social contributor. Now it is organized crime, embarrassing, and YouTube is the social contributor. Making a living on other peoples loans is not making a living at all. The systemic debauchery is enough to make someone leave Athens. If you want to be successful, surround yourself with good people and good organizations. If you don’t want to be successful, stay in this town.”

“OU online courses are a rip-off! $1,600 for a three-credit course that utilizes Saylor and other free resources and no lecture. I can get a self-guided education for a lot cheaper! Way to scam people, OU!”

“Hearing a well-built car rev its motor or the turbo blow-off valve open is a sweet sound to the ears. Something about fast, loud cars is inherently ‘cool’ to most people. On the other hand, a car that lacks exhaust baffles, a catalytic converter, and/or has a cracked manifold sounds like a cat trying to crawl up a chalkboard. No one thinks you are cool for having a car that emits 130 decibels and is held together using Bondo and prayer. Also, it won’t look any less sophomoric if you are doing 55 MPH on Mill Street with said car. I completely understand if you cannot afford to take your vehicle to the body or muffler shop for necessary repairs. What I fail to understand is why someone would willingly drive a vehicle that sounded that obnoxious. It belongs in a demolition derby, not a driveway! -Mill Street Resident”

“As much as I support the recycling culture in Southeast Ohio, some politics deserve to be sent to the landfill of history and run repeatedly over by the bulldozer of the populace. Vote the garbage out. Vote out Jay Edwards. Vote out Steve Stivers. Vote out Trump and Pence. Take Betsy DeVos, Andrew Wheeler, Mnuchen, Jared, Ivanka, Stephen Miller and Wilbur Ross with you when you go.”

“Considering his own long record of questionable behavior and poor judgement spending public monies, a political endorsement for someone in his own office from prosecutor Keller Blackburn is very suspect.”

“The President of Ohio University [$700k salary/benefits] has given an OU administrator [current salary $307k] a $95k bonus. OU has a $290,000,000 deficit. OU recently laid off 400+ employees. Athletics loses $25,000,000/year. The Athens NEWS states, ‘The university did not respond to multiple requests for comment as to why [this administrator] was offered such an extraordinary reward.’ The President has already answered this question when queried about another $347k-administrator who got a $100,000 bonus: ‘The administrator is a critical member of my leadership team.’ This new revelation is the tip of the iceberg: other administrators = more bonuses coming.”

“To the smug Biden voters who think that things will go back to normal on January 20th once the democrats retake power, I have some harsh news for you. The current crop of democratic leaders have been complicit in America’s decline and the country’s rightward drift towards fascism. How can you expect them to solve such a challenging situation, when they can’t even acknowledge the part they’ve played in creating it? At best a Biden presidency offers a temporary pause before the GOP retakes congress in 2022 and a president Tucker Carlson or Tom Cotton ascends to the presidency in 2024.”

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