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“Concerning the issue of towing fees, last fall city councilman Pete Kotses stated that government shouldn’t interfere with private business, which is essentially a libertarian position. Since the pandemic has hit our community, his statement has represented the point of view of the mayor and Democrats on the council when it comes to protecting the welfare of our community. They will always say the right things, but refuse to use their power to shut down the bars that endanger our community with their lack of regard for following health and safety protocols. These people are not your friends.”

“All Ohio University students who test positive for COVID-19 will immediately be relocated to ‘Isolation Halls.’ (Will OU employees who test positive also be whisked away to similar asylums? Athletes?) Buried in OU’s COVID-19 manifesto: ‘Isolation housing prohibits students from leaving their residence hall room.’ (Will prison guards be stationed at these Isolation Halls? Will inmates be able to wave at their parents below? What happens if a prisoner makes a run for it?) OU stares that breakfast rations will be ‘a cup of juice, a piece of fruit, and a granola bar.’ (Students not yet garrisoned: Run! Run away!)”

“Interim Vice President of Student Affairs Jenny Hall-Jones, discussing the increase of COVID-19 cases in residence halls, has scolded, ‘What we are seeing is that students are gathering with close friends … two, three, four people in a room.’ Thus, it seems that OU’s new expectation is zero social interaction 24/7. Warning: ‘Ohio University students who are ordered into quarantine or isolation will be criminally charged if they leave their assigned room (except to use the bathroom).’ Are OU’s tyrants gathering — in twos, threes, or fours — in rooms?”

“WOUB reports that Ohio University is looking at a $290 million budget deficit over the next five years. University ‘leaders’ said more layoffs and furloughs are possible — as well the elimination of more academic programs. There is no mention of cutting sports — which lose $22 million a year. No mention of thinning the ranks of high-salary (low value) VIP administrators. And, of course, no mention of focusing on academics. On top of this, the administration finds the Marching 110 guilty of hazing and threatens criminal charges against students locked in ‘isolation’ with COVID. The ship is completely adrift.”

“To the obnoxious Trump parade that sped down Richland Ave. Saturday afternoon: you literally had my four year old niece shaking and asking ‘what are those loud cars doing?!?’ After they passed and I went to get the car to leave she looked around and ‘I think it’s safe out here again.’ Just let that sink in. You are frightening on so many levels, but when you scaring children with your ridiculous behavior, we have a real problem.”

“OU is investigating a gathering of 30 students in a dormitory which is currently being used as ‘isolation housing’ for students who have tested positive for the coronavirus. On Friday, Oct. 16, these students were apparently together in a common space ‘without face masks or maintaining social distance.’ OU declares that these students are subject to criminal proceedings. Is the worry that these students could get double-coronavirus? How much misery does OU want to inflict on students? There is some kind of sadistic madness rampaging OU ‘leadership.’ OU students: Don’t put up with this crap. Find a better university.”

“First, a recent (September 11) study by the CDC analyzed a group of people who tested positive for COVID-19 during the month of July. Among those who were infected, more than 70% reported they had ‘always’ worn a mask for the preceding 14 days. Another 14% said they had ‘often’ worn a mask. In other words, about 84% of those who contracted the coronavirus wore a mask and they became infected anyway. Second, there is a growing tendency to identify people who contract COVID-19 as ‘bad’ or ‘immoral’ or ‘evil.’ (Reminder: Homosexuality was considered a mental illness until 1987.)”

“OU students: The OU Administration’s handling of COVID-19, and the budget (you are each paying about $1500 in fees to support athletics — especially football and basketball), is inexcusable. Yes, these are difficult times. However, the OU ‘leadership team’ and the Board of Trustees keep making decisions that are short-sighted, self-serving, vindictive & mean, and just kinda stupid. They live in a bubble. And, ask yourself: when was the last time you heard any mention of ‘academic quality’? Advice: pack your bags, go home, demand refunds for tuition, fees, room/board, etc. — and then be prepared to sue.”

“In response to”For four years” The Democrats have controlled all of the major cities in the US for over 50 years plus.So who has kept minorities in their place?It must be really be painful to look in the mirror if you dare”

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