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“Ohio University now has ‘quarantine dorms.’ What exactly does being ‘isolated’ entail? Can a student choose to leave Athens and return to their hometown? Can parents come to Athens and pick up their ‘sick’ children? Or is OU quarantine a bit more ‘restrictive’? Were I an Ohio University student, I’d get the hell out of Athens — yesterday. If you trust OU’s decision-making, hang around and roll the dice. If not, wash your hands, social distance, wear a mask — and run like hell from the OU administration.”

“COVID-19 cases are rapidly increasing in Athens. An entire dormitory has been quarantined. Yet you don’t have to look far beyond Court Street to see groups of unmasked young people congregating in close proximity. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t there an ordinance and mandate requiring masks? The police can’t possibly be blind to this. What gives?”

“Mayor Patterson doesn’t care enough about Athens to disband the line of 100 people outside The Crystal at 5:30 a.m. during homecoming weekend or the continued lines of non-mask wearing patrons at bars. No wonder Athens is in the top 10 in the state for COVID-19 cases. So glad those of us who pay taxes in this town are being kept in the forefront of your concerns while our children can’t go to school, you put our health at risk, and keep the pockets of bar owners full while their workers are at the forefront dealing with drunks during a pandemic.”

“How long will it be before Trump supporters realize that they have been taken for a ride by a greedy, unprincipled and short-sighted bigot; they have been fleeced of their vote by a charlatan who came to his political beliefs only recently and only when he saw it as a way to avoid debtors prison by advancing a series of self-aggrandizing schemes? Oh Trumpers, please open your eyes and see what is plainly before you.”

“Ohio University’s incoming freshman class has set a new record for the highest average high school grade point average,’ Honors program doing OK. Graduation rate apparently increasing. Online education is good. Blah blah blah.”

“For four years, I’ve been really trying to understand why anyone would support and vote for Donald Trump. I think I’ve cracked it: Trump voters care more about hurting their ‘enemies’ than they do about helping themselves. This is why they consistently vote for politicians who obviously despise them and will never lift a finger to help them. They don’t seem to have an ethos beyond “owning the libs” and keeping minorities ‘in their place.’”

“Ohio University does not have a budget crisis. OU has a priority crisis.”

“‘Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration Deb Shaffer is a critical member of my leadership team, [OU President] Nellis said. ‘In [addition], offering Deb [a $100,000 bonus] in a competitive market was the right thing to do.’ The arrogance (‘my leadership team’). And what about the 400 people who got fired from OU? It’s a pretty ‘competitive market’ for them, too. Anyway, what the hell has Nellis actually accomplished at OU? The Board of Trustees will reward him for ‘stewarding the University during unprecedented difficult times’ – or some such inbred nonsense. (How many students are currently enrolled?)”

“Apparently the VP debate team’s strategy was to coat Mike Pence in so much oil that he could wriggle out of answering any questions. That fly on his head stuck around because it struck oil by landing on a derrick.”

“OU Trustee Dr. David Scholl served as President and CEO of Diagnostic Hybrids (DHI) in Athens, Ohio. Dr. Scholl earned his PhD at OU. Dr. Scholl was once one of the most respected and liked community leaders in Athens. But then he sold DHI to Quidel (San Diego) — which in turn fired scores of DHI employees. He has traded in his once stellar reputation to swim around in the swamp of Ohio University’s Board of Trustees and ‘VIP’ team — which has fired 400+ employees. Why would he trade in his one high moral standing to slum around?”

“The Ohio University Board of Trustees claim they did not vote to award a $100k bonus to the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration. The (then) Interim President of Ohio University claims he did not award the contract. Perhaps the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration wrote and OKed her own contract? Who’s running the ship at OU? How many other ‘magic’ contracts are at OU? (I think it is worth looking at the contract of the new — questionable — Special Assistant to the President for Public Health Operations. What value has she added?)”

“‘Arts/WEST has been closed since March and community members anxiously await its reopening.’ Yes, reopen Arts/WEST! Open it now! Reopen the schools. Reopen restaurants and bars. We are seeing that the effects of COVID-19 have been irresponsibly exaggerated. COVID-19 is going to be with us for a year or longer. But, the ‘cure’ (closing everything, masks, fear mongering, indoctrination) is clearly much worse than the disease. The Karens have had their say; now, let’s try a little common sense — and put a little backbone into it. ‘Arts’ vs. ‘cowering’? I vote for Arts.”

“Last week, an Athens Voice writer gloated, ‘Well, well, well! Turns out wearing a mask is important. Who looks stupid now, Mr. President?’ First, no one knows how The President contracted COVID-19. Perhaps the tight bubble he lives in (aka ‘lockdowns’) was a contributing factor. Maybe he, in fact, contracted it by not wearing a mask. Who knows? In any case, the more important lesson we learned is that COVID-19 — in the vast majority of cases — just isn’t that bad. (Who looks stupid now, Athens Voice writer? Note: getting sick isn’t a Middle Ages moral issue.)”

“Athens has ‘canceled’ Halloween. Yea! Great! OK! In the late 1970s and early 1980s, OU students neither asked for, nor wanted, permission. It was fun then. A little menacing. A little dangerous. A little foreboding. Spooky. As Spongebob sings in his song ‘FUN’: ‘F is for fire that burns down the whole town, U is for uranium bombs, N is for no survivors.’ (Lighten up. This is a silly, funny song from Spongebob. No one is calling for uranium bombs, etc.)”

“I think I got the VIRUS!!! by looking at an Internet photo of mask-less Trump. (Who needs ‘flattening the curve’ — long since accomplished — when we can completely flatten our common sense?) ‘I’ve got 12-foot social distancing! Who’ll give me 15? I’ve got 15! Make it 20? 20! Social distancing: sold! — for 20-feet! Now, I’ve got an unopened box — mystery contents — of lockdowns. Who’ll start the bidding at 100 suicides? 50? Any give me 50? 50! Who’ll give me 75?...’”

“The temporary move of the post office mail box to the parking lot was a blessing to those of us that are handicapped. it allowed us to mail letters without driving to the courthouse mail box or out to the plains post office mail box. These are the only two locations that I know will enable a handicapped driver to mail a letter. please keep it there on a permanent basis.”

“I used to be proud to say that I work at Ohio University. Now I’m embarrassed and even ashamed to say I work there.”

“On Oct. 1, The Athens NEWS posted a photo of 20-something OU students waiting to enter into The Crystal. No one is social distancing, and more than half are not wearing masks. Presuming these are the same students who signed The Ohio Pledge, my questions are: What is OU going to do to hold these students accountable, and what if the City of Athens going to do to hold these students accountable?”

“210,000 dead and Pres. Trump tweeted ‘Don’t be afraid of COVID.’ Really?”

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