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"’How can you hear the pain Black people are going through and dismiss it as nothing? How can you hear the pain and respond with anything other than, 'I stand with you.'’ Joe Burrow, Athens High School graduate. Thank you, Joe, for your clarity and courage.”

“Well, well, well! Turns out wearing a mask is important. Who looks stupid now, Mr. President?”

“It is probably best to vote for the candidate that has antibodies.”

“Mandatory masks. Too many things closed. Social distancing. Hypocritical, menacing bureaucrats. Isolation. Karens. Kroger keeps my change. My simmering anger is starting to boil.”

“In regard to the article in this week's newspaper, titled "Misinformation preys on the part of us that yearns for chaos," please tell the author, Brian Bors, that the article was very much appreciated and I'm certain it is very true for many of us. Thanks for reminding so many of us to be watchful of what we ingest, and to be careful about our interpretation, and what we, in turn, share with others.”

“Riddle me this and riddle me that! How does a president make the economy fat? Twist it left and twist it right, how does a president stop a virus overnight? This side that side, how does a president find jobs that run off and hide? Help me again and help me before , how does a president provide health more? Lies and slys and I wonder whys, Tickle me up and tickle me down, what is presidential about either clown? Lies and slys and I wonder whys, no one with a brain wants to vote for either of these guys!”

“Ohio University really sucks.”

“For those of you with old coolers sitting around, taking up unnecessary space in your home or garage, please consider converting these (rather than throwing them out) into outdoor houses for stray/feral cats (or for your own indoor/outdoor cat). If a hole is drilled in the side and it is filled with straw, it makes a great insulated house for a furry friend struggling in the cold. PVC pipe can be added so the weather can't get in as easily. YouTube will help you build. Pass on to your neighbor(s) with cats if you can't use them, or donate for a feral colony (there are many in Athens and the surrounding areas). Don't throw them away when they can be put to good use.”

“The OU VP for Finance got a $100,000 bonus. There was an uproar. The Ohio University President, 'doubled down' in support of this $100K bonus. A few months ago, the Ohio University Faculty voted 'no confidence' in the OU President. The Ohio University Board of Trustees 'gave a full-throated defense of the President.' Little people (especially OU professors and instructors): Shut up! You don't understand how hard these VIPs work on your behalf. They are much more important than you. Their jobs are much more important than mere (yuk) 'teaching.' Be quiet. Behave. Or you'll be fired, too.”

“For $150,000 a year, the only actionable advice that the new OU 'Special Assistant for Public Health Operations' has offered is: wash hands, social distance, wear masks.”

“Calling all rational parents: Athens City Schools are going to start reopening. Some students and/or teachers will get COVID-19. We need to stand strong. The Superintendent has not shown any leadership at all; he will try to close the schools again; he is not strong enough to stand up to the shrieking Karens. We will need to push back (politely, but firmly). We need to speak loudly (but firmly and politely). We need to get schools fully open.”

“The singing kettle says it's tea time. Gather the empty cups from New to You, with a flag, a bobcat, a green and white 1804, a yellow and green bulldog, and one cup and saucer. Say ‘soothe your immortal soul.’”

“Ms. Shaffer has our full support and appreciation,’ said OU President Duane Nellis and OU Board of Trustees Chairman. English translation: ‘Back off! We at the top have our own way of doing things. We are not interested in the moaning of the little people.’”

“7,700 people die each day in the U.S. 24 people die each day in the U.S. from COVID-19. Therefore, 0.3 percent of daily deaths in the U.S. are a result of COVID-19.”

“So Athens has ‘canceled’ Halloween! As far back as the early 70's, I remember generations of OU students who neither asked for, nor wanted permission to ‘have’ Halloween on Court Street. They just did it! A generation later, students angrily took over Court Street in protest of the bars closing an hour early -- one night a year -- due to time change, and routinely illegally closed the streets in their neighborhoods for block parties. And today? The bars are routinely closing 4 hours early, and the city has banned Halloween. And there will be very little non-compliance or push back. How disappointing.”

“As we know, the post office is in financial trouble. We also know the post office give huge discounts to mass mailers, resulting in every post box being filled with junk mail. Well, let's have mass mailers pay the same as everyone else does for mail, and this will both reduce junk mail, and fund the post office. It's a 'fair share' thing. Mass mailers aren't paying their fair share, so the post office is struggling. There's your trouble.”

“What we don’t need are more college degrees but more plumbers,electricians,and carpenters .When are politicians going to realize we need more workers, not more managers.”

“Message from Ohio University and the City of Athens to OU students: ‘We don’t like you -- but give us your money!’ Let’s see how this turns out…”

“According to Ohio University, ‘the number of COVID cases at Ohio University is increasing, and 98 percent of the infections are on the Athens Campus. Within the Athens campus community, 95 percent of cases are among off-campus students.’ Well, that clears that up.”

“OU is tied for 176th place as a Best Value School according to the U.S. News and World Report. Um, OK…”

“I recall the Republicans passed a rule that a president can't appoint a supreme court justice in the last months of a presidency. They're not saying anything about that now that it's come back to bite them. If they break their own rule and appoint, then the Republican party can only be known as the party of cheaters.”

“Sayrs and Nellis have pledged that they won’t accept a bonus this year. OK. Will this year’s bonus be held in some kind of ‘savings account’ and distributed to them next year?”

“What’s the difference between a Mill Street porch party and a Rose Garden ceremony at the White House? The age of the COVID-19 virus super spreaders!”

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