“Shouldn’t OHIO’s Chief Medical Affairs Officer, Dr. Kenneth Johnson, have a role in the university’s COVID plan? He appears to be earning his 361K salary by building HIS new building and making sure that HIS medical students are not subjected to the same restrictions as “those other” students on campus. What have students, faculty, staff, and the community heard from Dr. Johnson since March? A whole lot of nothing. Before you bash Dr. Gillian Ice, consider that she has stepped up and provided some sorely needed leadership and guidance in the void created by Dr. Johnson’s silence and inaction.”

“Censor me left and certainly censor the right. Censor during the day and all through the night. Censor those voices until they turn into a yell. Platforms live with their choices and their bias they do tell. Let freedom ring so long as the desired lyrics are what the people sing.”

“Try to get information from either the Athens County Health Department or CVS, and you will be out of luck. One refers you to a voicemail for which the message indicates the mailbox is full, and the other indicates that the office (CVS?) is temporarily closed. How are seniors in Athens supposed to schedule and get COVID vaccinations?”

“Our clown-in-chief and worst president in the history of the United States is blowing his top over ( only in his mind) election fraud. Maybe that will blow a hole in the ceiling of the White House which may come in handy if we have to move in a crane to lift him out of his Oval Office chair.”

“Seems as if CeeDee of Chauncey could use a new and respectful owner who understands how to respect employees, just some food for thought as I witnessed his actions toward an employee. Seems like so many people with no passion for their business will do anything for a quick buck. Sad.”

“The things that are happening in our country are comparable to Nazi Germany in the mid-to-late ‘30s. If you don’t believe me, read The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, written and published by William R. Shirer. Look at the facts.”

“Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler reincarnated.”

“Mark Twain’s quote still holds true for today’s Republican politicians: ‘Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.’”

“I’m just *so happy* that all the politicians are getting their vaccine shots first before the public, considering most of the public are the ones dying from this crap.”

“In response to the recent area interest in a bells: That courthouse bell needs to go. Who thought of this?”

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