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“I wonder if Athens City Schools ever talks to area organizers. High schoolers were supposed to drop off their textbooks recently (another story as to why, with two weeks left, textbooks are no longer needed) just as The Plains started a major repaving project forcing all the teen drivers to use Johnson Road. It should be interesting when all 4th-6th graders from the whole district get bussed out to the Plains, and all the K-3 Plains and Chauncey kids get bussed into Athens. Maybe communication will commence?”

“One hopes that members of Athens City Council take to heart the resounding defeat of Chris Fahl this past Tuesday. Residents are tired of council members taking the community for granted. We never saw Chris out and about and her remarks were dismissive online and in interviews. New blood is needed in leadership.”

“Make note of how businesses are treating their customers and employees during this COVID time. It speaks volumes about their core values. And we customers need to allow for some give and take, as well.”

“The CDC advises that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people still wear masks during outdoor events ‘such as parades.’ Well, that clears that up.”

“‘We had to create ordinances and laws that said we are committed to [racial] inclusion in a tangible way, not just in a sign, not just in a resolution, but with our budget,’ said a member of Evanston, Illinois’ City Council. ‘[This college town is now] trying to make amends as the first American city to pay reparations. Acknowledging past racist policies, Evanston is giving Black residents $25,000 housing grants for down payments, repairs, or existing mortgages this year.’ (Christian Science Monitor, May 9) Athens City Council has recently made an equity/reparations resolution. Is it committed to now walk the talk?”

“Cyclist using the BIKE path are more than happy to share it but many non-cycling users seem unwilling to do the same. Alleviating problems is easy: ALL users should abide by posted rules/etiquette. Regular non-cycling users are well aware of them and it’s greatly appreciated. What’s frustrating is to continually come up behind folks aimlessly walking 2-4 abreast (most deeply engaged with their mobile devices, most sporting ear buds) who seem surprised to see a bike on the bike path. Now, as to the matter of some users being part of Athens’ virtuous class cabal? On your left!”

“Concerning potential fall enrollment, OU’s Vice President for Enrollment Management says, ‘Scale and directionality are more important than the actuals.’ Ah ha ha ha ha! Only in academia do ‘visions’ count more than ‘actuals.’ This is simply hilarious. ‘Scale and directionality’ means ‘I hope’ — correct?”

“One must take issue with Dennis Powell’s interpretation of “equity” in the “Mudsock Heights”: column in the May 5 issue of The Athens NEWS. The author here gets the concept of “equity” completely wrong. Equity is not about achieving the same result but be given the same allocation of resources. For example, this is why Athens City Schools is doing away with separation of students by community, because of the inequity between elementary schools. Students at certain schools were not being given the tools needed to succeed, and hopefully a more EQUAL distribution of resources will mean better EQUITY.”

“One writer last week suggested, to bicyclists, that ‘Share the Road’ means pedestrians, automobile drivers, motorcyclists, and bicyclists should all share the road. This is incorrect. In Athenese, ‘share the road’ can roughly be translated to mean: ‘I’ll ride my bicycle in the middle of the road if I damn well feel like it’ or ‘Stop signs and red lights don’t apply to bicyclists,’ etc.

“Congratulations to Alan Swank in winning the May 4 primary election. Mr. Swank: Please remember that Athens City Council is the legislative power of the City of Athens only. Please keep your focus and efforts on this important, albeit narrow, mandate. Strive for excellence within these parameters — and avoid mission creep.”

“Athens City Council met Monday (May 2). Mayor Steve Patterson discussed the City’s recent ‘accomplishments’ concerning ‘steps being taken toward racial equity.’ Patterson touted all the things Athens ‘has been doing in our journey for racial equity here in the city of Athens.’ These activities include hosting BBQs (nice!), making Resolutions!, and Declaring! systematic racism to be a public health crisis. Theater of the Woke. Can anyone point to even one demonstrable, concrete, historical instance of ‘systematic racism’ in the City of Athens in, say, the past 20 years? ‘Woke’ doesn’t fix potholes or cut overgrown grass.”

“According to a recent (May 6) email from the Provost of Ohio University, one priority for this summer is to ‘Charge a horizontal cluster pilot task force core group to develop a pilot horizontal cluster project to launch in the fall.’”

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